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1057 hours on Destiny?! Sony’s My PS4 Life shows you how many hours you’ve spent playing PS4 games this generation

A sobering reminder that you could have learned Mandarin in the time it took to unlock the Whisper of the Worm sniper rifle

Sony’s new My PS4 Life website shows you exactly how much time you’ve spent playing PS4 games since the console launched five years ago. It’s a bit like those ‘Friendship Anniversary’ videos you get on Facebook, if a little more insightful, and probably more sobering. All you need to do is visit My PS4 life, enter your PSN ID and you’ll receive a personalised video. It should only take a few minutes, and was running with no problems earlier today. Sony had a few teething problems yesterday, and promise to mail you the video within 24 hours if the site is having problems processing your data.

Turns out, I’ve spent 1016 hours playing PS4 games over the last five years, which is less than I feared. Although 136 of those hours belong to Lego Dimensions, my most-played game. In my defence, I have children. And like Lego. I’m less surprised to learn I sunk 102 hours into Star Wars Battlefront, and 80 hours into MGS5: The Phantom Pain. Your personalised video will also tell you the first PS4 game you ever played (mine was FIFA 15, which I didn’t even know I owned), and how many trophies you’ve earned. My tally is at an inexplicable 597 since PS4 launched. The site will also tell you your rarest trophy, which I’m hoping is broken: my rarest trophy is Does it Grow on Trees?!? in Moonlighter; a game played for 30 minutes by my elder son.

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