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7 Reasons Why You SHOULDN’T Ditch iPhone for Google or Samsung

The “smartphone race” may not be over, but it’s certainly slowing down. It’s just tough to ignore the fact that, at the flagship level, most modern smartphones are strikingly similar. While there are pros and cons to each, there isn’t anything close to a clear winner. Despite that, there are more than enough good reasons to opt for an iPhone over an Android device.

Sure, Google’s and Samsung’s latest flagships are excellent, but there are still a lot of things that Apple just does better! Continue reading to learn the Most Important Reasons You SHOULDN’T Ditch iPhone for Google or Samsung.

7. Yes, iPhones ARE Faster!

Apple makes the fastest smartphones on the market. That may be a controversial statement, but it’s a true one. The A12 Bionic is an absolute powerhouse of a mobile CPU, and it’s bordering on some of the best desktop chips as far as performance.

Despite most Android flagships having more RAM or better specs on paper, Apple devices routinely rank higher on benchmark specs and in real-world testing. There are several reasons for this, but the end result is a phone that puts others to shame.

6. Apple Cares About Your Privacy

Google is, first and foremost, a company that deals in data. Whether they may not admit that it does, there’s no doubt that the company mines data — and it’s likely that they use it to target ads as part of their business model. That’s not inherently a bad thing or even uncommon for the tech industry, but there is an outlier.

Apple, by contrast, is a privacy vanguard and doesn’t want to monetize your data. In fact, privacy is a “core value” at Apple. The Cupertino tech giant takes painstaking steps to ensure that only you have access to your sensitive and private information and Apple’s CEO has continued to advocate for government-level privacy regulations.

5. The Seamless Apple Ecosystem

Many people choose Mac or MacBook devices for work or creativity — even if they’re not an iPhone owner. But if you do use a Mac computer in your day-to-day life, you’ll probably want to stick with your iPhone.

There’s just no comparison. Between AirDrop, Handoff, and other Continuity features, the iOS and macOS ecosystems work seamlessly together. That can have profound effects on your workflow and productivity. You just won’t find that kind of device compatibility with any type of Android phone. The fact that you can iMessage directly from your MacBook, iPad, or Apple Watch, and then pick up right where you left off on your iPhone, is more than enough reason for most people to stick with Apple.

4. More Timely OS Updates

Apple iPhones get iOS updates much, much faster than most, if not all, Android phones. iPhone owners can download the latest iOS update the day it’s released. That’s led to extremely quick adoption rates for the latest versions of iOS.

The Android ecosystem, by comparison, is terrible at new OS adoption. That’s because, besides Google phones, the Android ecosystem is fragmented. With so many device makers using the Android platform, there are just more hoops to jump through since OS updates have to be pushed out by each device’s OEM.

3. Better Selection of Apps

While the gap between the Google Play Store and the App Store has closed over the past few years, Apple’s app storefront still has an advantage. Namely, it’s the favored launch platform for most new apps to hit the market.

That means new exciting apps typically hit the App Store several months before the Play Store. We see this time and time again. Apps on Apple’s App Store are better quality, too. Google admits that there are malware-laden apps on its storefront, while Apple’s stringent app submission policies keep most bad actors out.

2. iPhones Are More Secure

Apple’s iOS is a closed system. While that impedes some customizability, it’s just part of what makes the iOS platform incredibly secure. With the exception of a few hardcore hacking tools, it’s incredibly difficult to break the encryption on an iPhone.

There are also a lot fewer vulnerabilities discovered in iOS than Android, at least in recent years. If you care about data privacy or data security, it’s also hard to argue with a company that went toe-to-toe with the FBI. Apple did just that because it refused to create a vulnerability for its devices.

1. The Best Support in the Business

If you have a problem with your iPhone, you take it to the closest Apple Store. There, friendly Apple staff members can help get to the bottom of whatever is messing up your device. Alternatively, you can easily contact Apple Support online for free.

There’s just no analog in the Android world. There aren’t Samsung stores in every city like Apple Stores. And while Google does a bit better, it can’t hold a candle to Apple’s customer service. The level of customer support available to Android users just can’t rival Apple and iOS.

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