August Holidays, Observances and Events

August is the last month of the summer and when we think about this month it usually comes to our minds very hot temperatures and crowded cities. Even If August is not as calm as June or July since is when most people is on holidays, it is also a very good moment to visit new places and do new things. Therefore, I’ll give you some ideas about places, events and activities for August, don’t stop reading!

August Holidays and Observances

August 2: National Coloring Book Day
August 8: International Cat Day
August 9: National Book Lovers Day
August 10: National Lazy Day
August 12: International Youth Day
August 12: World Elephant Day
August 13: International Lefthanders Day
August 15: National Relaxation Day
August 16: National Tell a Joke Day
August 19: World Photo Day
August 19: World Humanitarian Day
August 20: National Lemonade Day
August 26: National Dog Day

August is undoubtedly the best month for doing events due to the availability of most of the people to attend them. If I had to choose a place around the world to visit in August it would probably be Spain, nice weather, good food, and everything is pretty cheap.

One beautiful city in the northern coast of Spain is San Sebastián, located in the Vasque Country, which has a very good reputation due to its gastronomy and its gorgeous coast. Vasque country is divided in 3 provinces that have their own capitals, and during August each capital celebrates its own festival, starting in Vitoria (4th to 9th), following with San Sebastián’s (10th to 17th), and finishing with Bilbao’s one.

Every city celebrates their own festival in a similar way, but with some differences, people get traditionally dressed and drums are played in the street. If you have enough time I would recommend you going on holidays to San Sebastian and from there you could easily visit the rest of the vasque cities, which are close to each other, you will definitely enjoy it!

August: Popular Hobbies and Sports – Things We Love to Do in August

As we all know, August is a month when everyone who has holidays moves to the coast, leaving inner cities absolutely desert due to the hot temperatures. People love visiting new places, having fun with their dears, and taking photos as to save that good moments for the future. Events are celebrated all around the world and tourist locations are crowded, you can see happiness in people’s faces.

August undoubtedly has its own magic. If you go to the beach and look to the sea, you can see many surfers, paddle surfers, canoes, paddle boats, or swimmers, and If you go to the seafront you will see people walking, running or cycling, since it is the perfect month for doing sport outdoors and keep yourself healthy.

August: Fun Facts and Folklore

August is the 8th month of the year and its name was given by the roman emperor Octavius Augustus to honour himself, doing the same thing as Iulius Caesar with the month of July. However, the roman emperor Octavius wasn’t happy with the fact that July had 31 days while August had only 29, so he altered the length of some months until his month had 31 days.


August is a month when you can make plenty of new things and forget about everything else while relaxing, don’t just let August pass by, since this is the last month of the summer and If you do that you will probably regret when you go back to your workplace, university, or school in September. Start thinking today how are you going to spend your holidays in August!

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