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Blood will be Spilled Review

Actual for the platform: PC

Wild West. A lone bounty hunter breaks another announcement about the reward for the next bastard, gets the right Colt and goes to his soul to deliver it to the city alive or dead and get a reward. Along the way, he rescues a girl working in a saloon from thugs, stumbles upon a mine, where slaves mine gold … What associations immediately arise in my head? Spaghetti westerns with Clint Eastwood, something like “Good, bad, evil”? That’s right, only the main character in this video game is … an ant.

World of the Wild West

We have seen anthropomorphic bears, wolves, bunnies, dogs and cats, and more than once. But with the ants still somehow no luck. The injustice was decided to be corrected by the developers from Doublequote Studio, and they approached this not with hijinks-hahanki, but with the most serious facial expression. The plot in Blood will be Spilled is built according to all the laws of spaghetti westerns. The main character is an ant named Jack, a rather gloomy, stern and mysterious bounty hunter who clearly has skeletons in the closet.

Seeing him, the enemies shout with a little ironic surprise: “Jack? Are you alive? Did the grave reject you again? Come revenge? But you are guilty of yourself, you would be smarter – now you would be swimming in gold! ”What was between them, what was their revenge, what was their fault? At first, nothing is known. No, it’s pretty clear what is usually said in such cases, but the intrigue is still preserved – and only as history develops will we learn more and more new details.

Having caught the next criminal, for whose head a reward is appointed, our Jack must decide – to kill or spare, sending him alive to a local prison. In the latter case, the local undertaker (of course, also an ant) ​​will sigh with regret: they say he has already prepared the grave for this bastard Sullivan, but now, disappear to her, or what? To which our Jack calmly, flashing his faceted eyes from under his hat, replies: “The comfort of undertakers is not my concern!” 

In general, the spaghetti western from Blood will be Spilled It turned out quite serious, according to all the canons of the genre. Although, naturally, when it is played out ants with so many handles and legs, each of which can have a Colt; when girls from the saloon call the mistress the queen; or when you see that the soldiers in the fort live in combs, then you will still unwittingly smile.

Ants can jump …

In the gameplay itself, all is serious – a mixture of action, platformer, and turn-based battles. The platform part is more than standard. We run from left to right and vice versa, somewhere we jump at a low pace to get to the desired object, somewhere we press the levers, somewhere we move boxes or trolleys to get to the right place. Or to get to the chest with a useful item – a healing potion or, for example, dynamite.

But there are invigorating episodes, when we, for example, have to run away from a huge spider, jumping over the cobweb on the move, or when we run, jump and slide in a subcategory over open rough terrain, trying not to get caught in the sight of the sniper who sat down somewhere on the tower . In some situations (for example, in the old mine), the platforms under our feet literally fall apart in seconds – it is also very invigorating, especially given the fact that there are sharp stakes under them.

… and shoot

However, the main dish in this western is turn-based battles. No, not in the spirit of XCOM or Jagged Alliance, but closer to Worms, although this is not entirely true. When the battle begins, we are given two action points – one can be spent on moving, the second – on shooting, reloading, or using special skills. In addition, the special abilities still need blood energy – Jack or collects from the bodies of the dead (if they have just died), or personally sucks if he is very close to the enemy.

In fights, the main thing is to constantly move: shelters are short-lived and fall apart after a certain number of hits. And a lot depends on explosives – enemies, be it not even ants, but some insects, love to run with dynamite and throw checkers. And there are a lot of explosive red barrels too – you know that a shot made on all this explosive farm in time can seriously change the balance of power.

you can also shoot at lamps and barrels with oil (the effects are obvious) or shoot down stalactites – when falling, they kill enemies completely. Sometimes they give you to shoot from a cannon or machine gun. It is a pity that it is rarely allowed to do in battles with bosses – and they are really tenacious here and with their tactics. 

On-site and role-playing elements. At the very beginning, you need to choose one of the three classes. “Good” can shoot so that bullets bounce off walls; “Bad” uses dishonest methods and throws daggers, immobilizing enemies; “Evil” is specialized in explosives and guns. Winning and completing missions, we earn not only money to buy more powerful revolvers, but also special stars for which we improve existing ones and discover new abilities of each of the three classes.

A gorgeous sound (especially Jack’s voice), painted screensavers, and, in general, a very decent picture – all this only adds points to the Blood will be Spilled moneybox. And everything would be fine, but there is just a huge number of bugs – no, not bugs, but various errors like remaining enemies after death, hanging dialogues, downed scripts, and so on. Not once or twice I had to reboot just due to the fact that once again something broke in the game. On the other hand, I wanted to go over and over again – the game still clings to a half-crazed, but a completely edible mixture of typical spaghetti western and ants, as if escaping from the filming of the next Luntik. So either we are waiting for the patch, or we cry, we prick, but we eat this spaghetti…

Pros: in the plot there is intrigue; the atmosphere of the spaghetti western is well conveyed; mysterious main character; overall addictive gameplay; interesting turn-based battles; beautiful picture and stylish comic videos; well-chosen music and expressive play of voice actors.

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