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Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

Everyone scolds the exclusivity of games – they say, it interferes with the industry. But exclusivity has one remarkable consequence: you can shamelessly make multiplatform clones, and no one will judge you. For example, no one will ever blame Crash Team Racing, because there is no other possibility to play Mario Kart with the owners of the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

Fu, game for children

In serious car simulators, not so much happens: you drive on the highway and make sure that your opponents do not bypass you on bends. This process can be more demanding, realistic or less demanding, arcade. 

The genius of Mario Kart is that there are many more actions per unit of time on the track – thanks to the balance of bonuses, accelerators and arcade mechanics of driving control. Gains, laid out in boxes, allow you to shoot at opponents, create sticky spots or get temporary immunity to them. Deliberately stupid tracks are filled with unnatural obstacles, and the balance is built so that the last driver regularly becomes the first and vice versa. 

So in practice kart– this is a serious and verified multiplayer entertainment, where your success depends on the ability to wait for the moment, hold the bonus, correctly jump on a hammock and be second in time, instead of mindlessly rushing forward. Yes, you can not like this type of gameplay. But one cannot dispute the fact that it is richer and more complex than a regular race, it is a whole subgenre that “comes in” to a huge audience all over the world. 

Now cross out a couple of paragraphs above Mario Kart and put Crash Team Racing there. Nothing will change.

Fu, stupid clone

CTR was, though a frank clone, but a clone successful. She completely adopted the mechanics of the original and did not break what worked. So the authors of the remake follow this principle, without changing anything significantly. In the demo of the reissue, I drove along three classic tracks, each of which systematically complicates the gameplay and makes it multiple times more fun.

First, the Crash Cove beach: a regular ring track, where we learn that the main mechanic of the game is drift: in essence, QTE, which gives you acceleration every time you press the R1 / L1 button in time either during a skid or after spectacular fall. If you do not constantly do this, the enemies will leave you to ingest the dust. Fortunately, this is not a sentence, and there is a feint for the most unlucky in the game – a special weapon that falls only on the laggard and shoots the leader, knocking everyone in his way.

The second route, Tiger Temple, is complicated by bumps and fire guns, and the third, Polar Pass, is a complete disgrace: ice, jumps that allow you to jump whole sections of the track, narrow bridges and so on – it seems that there is not a single boring line on this map at all . Especially when all the participants are constantly collecting bonuses and are being tied to each other. Everything works exactly as it should. The gameplay is not at all obsolete and does not seem boring in itself. Nitro-Fueled

reprint content is not limited to the original game. Of course, they added an online mode, new tracks, a new playable character and customization of karts, which was not in the original. Well, it’s beautiful now – this is not a problem with reprints of classic PS games.

But another change, about which they don’t write on the cover, is even more in the spirit of the time than tech graphics: Trophy Girls, sexualized female characters who stood next to the podium in the winning section after the match, were removed from the game. Here we will refrain from commenting, and you do not deny anything!

Should I wait for Nitro-Fueled? Nostalgic – yes, but the rest – the question. On the one hand, everything in the game works as it should. It is fun, defiantly simple, but not primitive. On the other hand, there is a fundamental problem here: the outside world outside Nintendo receives only a reprint from another era. And the genre managed to evolve beyond recognition, and in “healthy person cards” everyone flies on gliders through anti-gravity zones, knocking balloons over each other.

Nostalgia is pleasant but completely uncompetitive. Isn’t it better to make a sequel? It is better. And it is possible that they will. But first, see if we buy a remake with you.

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