February 19

February 19 Holidays and Events


Historical Milestones

February 19 marks a date in history where numerous significant events have occurred, spanning various eras, regions, and fields.

  • 197 – The Battle of Lugdunum, also known as the Battle of Lyon, took place, where Roman Emperor Septimius Severus’s forces defeated Clodius Albinus.
  • 1473 – Renowned astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus was born in Toruń, Poland. His work on the heliocentric model of the solar system was revolutionary.
  • 1807Aaron Burr, the third Vice President of the United States, was arrested for alleged treason.
  • 1878Thomas Edison was granted a patent for the phonograph, a landmark in sound recording technology.
  • 1942 – During World War II, on this day, President FDR signed Executive Order 9066, leading to the internment of Japanese Americans.
  • 1945 – The Battle of Iwo Jima began, with U.S. Marines landing on the island to face fierce resistance from Japanese forces in one of World War II’s pivotal battles.
  • 1963Betty Friedan published “The Feminine Mystique,” which became a catalyst for the second wave of feminism in the United States.
Year Event
1600 The catastrophic eruption of Peruvian Stratovolcano Huaynaputina, one of South America’s most explosive events.
1945 U.S. Marines invaded Iwo Jima, a significant battle where they aimed to seize control from the Japanese in World War II.
1963 The release of The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan, sparking a nationwide conversation on women’s roles.

The commemorations of the date are diverse, ranging from remembrance of major historical battles and natural disasters to recognition of noteworthy cultural and scientific advancements. February 19 serves as a capsule of human history, encompassing moments that have shaped legacies and altered the direction of societies across the globe.

Pop Culture

February 19 marks significant events and birthdays in pop culture. In the realm of literature, Betty Friedan’s pivotal work, The Feminine Mystique, was published on this day in 1963, sparking conversations about women’s roles in society and fueling the feminist movement.

Birthdays of notable figures in entertainment and public life pepper the date. American soul music artist Smokey Robinson, actor Lee Marvin, and international figures like Prince Andrew and singer-songwriter Seal all celebrate their birthdays on February 19. Additionally, American actors such as Jeff Daniels and Benicio Del Toro, also born on this day, have made substantial contributions to film and television.

George Harrison, of The Beatles, encountered legal issues regarding his song “My Sweet Lord,” which was involved in a high-profile case of subconscious plagiarism involving Ronnie Mack’s song “He’s So Fine.” The case was a notable event in music history.

In terms of technological history, February 19 witnessed the escalation of the format war between Toshiba’s HD DVD and Sony’s Blu-ray Disc. This rivalry culminated in Toshiba’s announcement to cease HD DVD production, signaling Blu-ray’s victory.

In sports, the Canadian hockey team had a standout performance at the Winter Olympic Games, and the New York Yankees, renowned for their influence on American baseball, have their own storied history linked to this date.

The significance of February 19 extends even to scientific achievements and international politics, with NASA’s Mars Odyssey continuing its mission to survey Mars and figures like Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, who would later become President of Argentina, being linked to the date through their personal history.

Lastly, in a unique twist of sports crossover, on February 19, Major Leaguer Jack “Outlaw” Graham was banned from the Mexican Baseball League due to a dispute over fees, and Will Keith Kellogg, known for founding the Kellogg Company, was born on this day, adding to the varied tapestry of Pop Culture connected to February 19.

Celebrations and Famous Birthdays

February 19 stands out in history for its notable birthdays and events that reflect a rich tapestry of global culture and achievements.

Historic Birthdays

  • Nicolaus Copernicus (1473) – Renowned Polish astronomer known for the heliocentric model of the universe.
  • Lee Marvin (1924) – Esteemed American actor recognized for his commanding screen presence.
  • Smokey Robinson (1940) – Iconic American singer, songwriter, and record producer.

Entertainment and Arts

  • Seal (1963) – British singer and songwriter with a soulful voice, known for hits like “Kiss from a Rose.”
  • Benicio Del Toro (1967) – Acclaimed Puerto Rican actor, famous for his roles in films like “Traffic.”

Politics and Leadership

  • Cristina Fernández de Kirchner (1953) – Former President of Argentina, influential figure in Latin American politics.


  • Prince Andrew celebrates not only his birthday but also his endeavors in sports, such as supporting the Canadian Hockey Team as a prominent figure.

Science and Innovation

  • Hamilton Smith (1931) – American microbiologist and Nobel Prize laureate recognized for his work in molecular genetics.

Entertainment Milestones

  • The Winter Olympic Games have occasionally featured remarkable feats during this period, enhancing the celebratory mood.
  • George Harrison of The Beatles also contributed to this day’s significance with a landmark concert for charity in 1971.

Cultural and Technological Transitions

  • The competition between HD DVD and Sony’s Blu-ray Disc informed a shift in video format preference, marking the 19th of February as a turning point in digital media.

In sports, Major League Baseball player Danny Gardella became a notable figure for challenging baseball’s reserve clause on this day.

The day is further marked in literary history by the repatriation of poet Ezra Pound to the United States to face charges.

Lastly, February 19 commemorates the deployment of the U.S. Marines to Iwo Jima during World War II, reflecting on the bravery of the armed forces.

This date, vibrant with the celebration of significant individuals and events, reflects a spectrum of contributions across various fields, from the arts and sciences to sports and leadership.



The Zodiac sign for February 19 is Pisces ♓.

Horoscope for February 19

Aries ♈
Today is a day for bold action, Aries...

Today is a day for bold action, Aries. Trust your instincts and take the lead. Your natural charisma will attract the right kind of attention.

Taurus ♉
Taurus, today you may find yourself feeling more introspective than usual...

Taurus, today you may find yourself feeling more introspective than usual. Take some time to reflect on your goals and ambitions. It's a good day to make plans for the future.

Gemini ♊
Gemini, your communication skills are especially sharp today...

Gemini, your communication skills are especially sharp today. Use this to your advantage in both personal and professional interactions. You may find that your words hold great power.

Cancer ♋
Cancer, today is a day to focus on self-care...

Cancer, today is a day to focus on self-care. Take some time to nurture yourself and recharge your emotional batteries. You deserve some pampering and relaxation.

Leo ♌
Leo, your creative energy is flowing today...

Leo, your creative energy is flowing today. Embrace your artistic side and let your imagination run wild. You may find inspiration in unexpected places.

Virgo ♍
Virgo, pay attention to your intuition today...

Virgo, pay attention to your intuition today. Your gut feelings are likely to be on point, especially when it comes to making decisions. Trust yourself.

Libra ♎
Libra, today is a good day for seeking harmony and balance in your relationships...

Libra, today is a good day for seeking harmony and balance in your relationships. Focus on finding common ground and resolving any conflicts that may arise.

Scorpio ♏
Scorpio, you may feel a strong desire for transformation today...

Scorpio, you may feel a strong desire for transformation today. Embrace change and let go of anything that no longer serves you. It's time for a fresh start.

Sagittarius ♐
Sagittarius, today is a day for adventure and exploration...

Sagittarius, today is a day for adventure and exploration. Step out of your comfort zone and embrace new experiences. You may discover something truly exciting.

Capricorn ♑
Capricorn, focus on your long-term goals today...

Capricorn, focus on your long-term goals today. Take practical steps toward achieving your ambitions. Your hard work will pay off in the future.

Aquarius ♒
Aquarius, your social life may take center stage today...

Aquarius, your social life may take center stage today. Connect with friends and loved ones, and enjoy meaningful conversations. Your unique perspective will be appreciated.

Pisces ♓
Pisces, trust your intuition when it comes to financial matters today...

Pisces, trust your intuition when it comes to financial matters today. You have a keen sense for opportunities and wise investments. Listen to your inner wisdom.

When is February 19?

No, it's not February 19 today. There are 215 days until February 19, 2025.

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