February 5

February 5 Holidays and Events


Historical Milestones

February 5th has been a significant date throughout history, witnessing pivotal moments that have shaped various facets of global culture, politics, and society.

Military and Political Events

  • In 62 AD, a devastating earthquake struck Pompeii.
  • The bitter Punic Wars concluded in 146 BCE with the fall of Carthage to Rome.
  • Henry IV of France, then Henry of Navarre, renounced Catholicism in 1576 at Tours, a key moment in the French Wars of Religion.

Cultural and Social Milestones

  • The groundbreaking motion picture “Modern Times” by Charlie Chaplin was released, offering a satirical look at industrial society.
  • Hank Aaron, a trailblazing athlete, was born on this day, eventually becoming a legend in Major League Baseball and an inductee of the Basketball Hall of Fame.
  • Reader’s Digest Magazine, a staple in American publication history, was first published, influencing millions of readers with its condensed articles.

Discoveries and Innovations

  • The Greenwich Time Signal, or the “BBC pips,” was first broadcast by the BBC in 1924, making it a new reference for timekeeping.
Year Event
1887 First publication of a newspaper in Philadelphia
1846 The United States House of Representatives was vetoed by President John Tyler to prohibit the Secretary of the Treasury from authorizing the issuance of notes unless specifically authorized by a Congressional Act.
1901 A new record for the price of a single nugget of gold was set, with a nugget found in California known as the “Great Triangle” weighing over 68 pounds selling for $10,690.
1971 Apollo 14 astronauts, led by Alan Shepard, landed on the Moon, marking an important milestone in space exploration.

The sheer diversity of the events on February 5th underscores the day’s rich tapestry woven into the historical fabric. These milestones highlight not only moments of transformation but also the timeless influence of such events on subsequent chapters of history.

Pop Culture

February 5 holds a particular significance in the realm of pop culture across various domains, be it music, sports, or the arts.

In music history, notable events include Lady Gaga’s acclaimed Super Bowl halftime performance on February 5, 2017, which featured a medley of her hits. The artist’s show was widely discussed across the United States, cementing its place in the annals of American pop culture.

In the broader entertainment sphere, the birth of United Artists on February 5, 1919, stands out. United Artists was a motion picture distribution company that played a pivotal role in the film industry and was established by leading figures, such as D.W. Griffith, Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, and Douglas Fairbanks.

Sports have also seen significant moments on this date. Hank Aaron, an icon in American baseball history, was born on February 5, 1934, in Mobile, Alabama. His contributions to the sport are celebrated by fans and historians alike, particularly in Georgia, where he played the majority of his career with the Atlanta Braves.

Notable publications have marked February 5 as well. Reader’s Digest, a widely recognized magazine, was first published on this day in 1922. The magazine grew to become one of the most read publications in the world, influencing cultural discussions in the United States and beyond.

The intersections of pop culture and history can be seen when looking at events like the classic film “Modern Times,” released in February 1936, an important piece by Charlie Chaplin that critiques the industrialized world and has since become a landmark in comedic cinema.

In summary, February 5 is a day where various strands of pop culture converge, reflecting the history and zeitgeist of society through music, film, sports, and literature.

Celebrations And Famous Birthdays

February 5th is marked by a variety of celebrations and notable birthdays. In terms of events, the day is recognized as World Nutella Day, celebrating the delectable hazelnut-chocolate spread that has gained global popularity. It’s a day for fans to indulge in various Nutella-centric treats. Another unique celebration is Shower With A Friend Day, a quirky holiday that encourages conservation of water resources by sharing showers.

In historical context, February 5th saw the end of sweet rationing post-World War II in the United Kingdom, signifying a return to normalcy after years of shortages. Additionally, Reader’s Digest, a beloved publication, was founded on this day in 1922.

On the entertainment front, United Artists, a leading film and television entertainment company, was founded on February 5, 1919. Meanwhile, in the realm of communication, the first Greenwich Time Signal — or the “BBC pips” — was broadcast by BBC Radio in London, providing a time signal to the entire United Kingdom.

Historical Birthdays

  • 976: Emperor Sanjō of Japan, 67th Emperor from 1011-1016.

  • 1589: Esteban Manuel de Villegas, a celebrated Spanish poet.


Sport figures born on February 5 include Neymar, a Brazilian soccer player heralded as one of the best in the world, born in 1992.

United States

In the United States, February 5th is also historically significant as the day Jupiter, the first US tanker designed for carrying liquefied natural gas (LNG), was launched in Savannah. On the darker side of history, Baltimore became the first U.S. city to illuminate its streets with hydrogen gas, rather than coal gas, on February 5, 1817.

Henry Aaron, a Major League Baseball icon, also celebrates his birthday on February 5th.

Notable Australian Event

In Australia, the largest alluvial gold nugget in history, named the “Welcome Stranger”, was discovered in Moliagul, Victoria on February 5, 1869, cementing its place in the annals of gold rush lore.

Birthdays in Japan

Shifting focus to Japan, Henry Of Navarre, who would later become Henry IV of France, made pivotal decisions in French history on this day.



The Zodiac sign for February 5 is Aquarius ♒.

Horoscope for February 5

Aries ♈
Today, Aries, you may feel a surge of energy and confidence...

Today, Aries, you may feel a surge of energy and confidence. It's a great day to assert yourself and pursue your goals with passion and determination. Trust in your abilities and take bold steps towards your dreams.

Taurus ♉
Taurus, today is a day to focus on your financial goals...

Taurus, today is a day to focus on your financial goals. Take a practical approach to managing your resources and seek out new opportunities for growth. Your patience and persistence will pay off in the long run.

Gemini ♊
Today, Gemini, your social charm is at its peak...

Today, Gemini, your social charm is at its peak. Use your gift of gab to connect with others and share your ideas. Networking and collaboration will bring exciting opportunities your way.

Cancer ♋
Cancer, today is a day to prioritize self-care and emotional well-being...

Cancer, today is a day to prioritize self-care and emotional well-being. Take time to nurture yourself and engage in activities that bring you comfort and joy. Trust your intuition to guide you towards inner peace.

Leo ♌
Today, Leo, your creativity and passion are on fire...

Today, Leo, your creativity and passion are on fire. Embrace your artistic talents and pursue activities that ignite your soul. Your enthusiasm will inspire others and lead to exciting new avenues of expression.

Virgo ♍
Virgo, today is a day for practical problem-solving...

Virgo, today is a day for practical problem-solving. Trust in your analytical abilities to tackle challenges and find efficient solutions. Your attention to detail will set you apart and earn you recognition.

Libra ♎
Today, Libra, focus on creating harmony in your relationships...

Today, Libra, focus on creating harmony in your relationships. Seek compromise and understanding in any conflicts that arise. Your diplomatic approach will strengthen your connections with others.

Scorpio ♏
Scorpio, today is a day for introspection and self-discovery...

Scorpio, today is a day for introspection and self-discovery. Embrace your inner depths and explore your emotions with honesty and courage. Trust in the transformative power of self-awareness.

Sagittarius ♐
Today, Sagittarius, your adventurous spirit is calling...

Today, Sagittarius, your adventurous spirit is calling. Embrace new experiences and expand your horizons. Trust in your optimism and embrace the opportunities that come your way.

Capricorn ♑
Capricorn, today is a day to focus on your long-term goals...

Capricorn, today is a day to focus on your long-term goals. Take practical steps towards your ambitions and stay disciplined in your pursuits. Your hard work will lead to lasting success.

Aquarius ♒
Aquarius, today is a day for innovation and original thinking...

Aquarius, today is a day for innovation and original thinking. Embrace your unique perspective and pursue your unconventional ideas with confidence. Your forward-thinking approach will lead to exciting breakthroughs.

Pisces ♓
Pisces, today is a day for spiritual reflection and connection...

Pisces, today is a day for spiritual reflection and connection. Trust in your intuition and seek out moments of peace and tranquility. Embrace your sensitivity and let your compassionate nature shine.

When is February 5?

No, it's not February 5 today. There are 196 days until February 5, 2025.

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