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Destiny 2: The Dawning 2018 guide – how to get every ingredient and make every recipe

How to make cookies that would make even your space grandma proud

So, Destiny 2 Dawning recipes and ingredients are the talk of the Tower. With Destiny 2’s holiday event underway, Guardians everywhere are – checks notes – baking cookies. Huh. Yes, Destiny 2’s winter event is all about gathering ingredients and making homemade cookies for all your favorite NPCs (and also for Xur), which is a lot more fun than it may sound. It’s also much simpler than baking real cookies: all you have to do is combine two ingredients and some Essence of Dawning in the cute little oven given to you by Eva Levante (who you can find in the west side of the Tower). If you follow the right recipe, you’ll be rewarded with some lovely sweets. But if you combine the wrong things, you’ll end up with a burnt Edge Transit. Yes, really.

The Dawning runs through January 1, 2019, so you’ve still got plenty of time to get your Christmas baking done. That said, there are 15 recipes in all with dozens of ingredients between them, so just like baking in real life, The Dawning can be intimidating. With that in mind, let’s go over what cookies you need to give to which NPCs, and how to get the ingredients for them. 

Destiny 2 Dawning ingredients  

The Dawning ingredients can be split into two groups: uncommon ingredients which drop from specific enemy types, and rare ingredients which drop when you do specific things (usually killing enemies). There’s also Essence of Dawning, which is used in every recipe. Luckily, Essence of Dawning can be obtained from literally every activity from patrols to strikes, so you should never run out. (I find that Gambit is a great place to farm them.) Like Essence of Dawning, all of the following ingredients can also be obtained anywhere in Destiny 2.  

  • Ether Cane – Kill Fallen 
  • Chitin Powder – Kill Hive 
  • Vex Milk – Kill Vex 
  • Cabal Oil – Kill Cabal
  • Taken Butter – Kill Taken    
  • Dark Ether Cane – Kill Scorn 

Rare Dawning ingredients and how to get them  

  • Null Taste – Kills with void guns/abilities  
  • Electric Flavor – Kills with arc guns/abilities 
  • Impossible Heat – Kills with solar guns/abilities 
  • Bullet Spray – Kills with auto rifles, submachine guns, or heavy machine guns 
  • Delicious Explosion – Kills with grenades, grenade launchers, or rocket launchers  
  • Sharp Flavor – Kills with swords 
  • Personal Touch – Kills with melee attacks/abilities  
  • Perfect Taste – Kills with precision shots  
  • Flash of Inspiration – Generate Orbs of Light  

Destiny 2 Dawning recipes 

These are the cookies you need to bake for all the NPCs involved in The Dawning. Once you give the correct cookies to Zavala, Shaxx, Hawthorne, and Amanda Holliday, and give gifts to eight other NPCs, you’ll unlock the Dawning Cheer Exotic sparrow, which is totally worth it. You can also earn powerful bounty by baking six treats. So, here’s how to make all 15 cookies in The Dawning. Again, note that you need two ingredients and 15 Essence of Dawning for all these recipes. (And thanks to Twitter user ArcadiaTheApp for helping us fill some gaps in this list.)  

  • Zavala’s Gjallardoodles: Ether Cane + Delicious Explosion 
  • Shaxx’s Vanilla Blades: Cabal Oil + Sharp Flavor  
  • Hawthorne’s (and Louis’) Eliksni Birdseed: Ether Cane + Personal Touch
  • Amanda Holliday’s Chocolate Ship Cookies: Cabal Oil + Null Taste    
  • Ikora’s Traveler Donut Holes: Cabal Oil + Flash of Inspiration 
  • The Drifter’s Dark Chocolate Motes: Taken Butter + Null Taste  
  • Banshee-44’s Telemetry Tapioca: Vex Milk + Bullet Spray 
  • Xur’s Strange Cookies: Taken Butter + Electric Flavor   
  • Devrim Kay’s Gentleman’s Shortbread: Ether Cane + Perfect Taste 
  • Sloane’s Alkane Dragee Cookies: Chitin Powder + Bullet Spray  
  • Failsafe’s Infinite Forest Cake: Vex Milk + Impossible Heat  
  • Asher Mir’s Radiolarian Pudding: Vex Milk + Electric Flavor
  • Ana Bray’s Javelin Mooncake: Chitin Powder + Sharp Flavor    
  • Spider’s Candy Dead Ghosts: Dark Ether Cane + Flash of Inspiration  
  • Petra Venj’s Ill-Fortune Cookies: Dark Ether Cane + Impossible Heat  
  • Bonus recipe! Burnt Edge Transits for Master Rahool: Cabal Oil + Personal Touch 

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