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EA introduced Need for Speed ​​Heat

EA introduced Need for Speed ​​Heat

Unfortunately, EA developers continue to step on the same rake and again bring bonuses for real money
EA officially unveiled a new part of the popular Need for Speed ​​franchise called Heat. The project takes place in the new fictional city of Palm City, which is a conditional copy of Miami – when creating a virtual world, designers focused on it. The main feature of Heat can be called two types of races, which differ from each other in legality and time – some races are held exclusively during the day, and you can participate in others only at night. Naturally, the difference lies not only in the change of day and night, but there are also a lot of small details.

a legal race called Speedhunters Showdown takes place in Palm City. In them, riders can earn money to modify their vehicle. Law enforcement officers do not interfere with these races in any way and you can race quite calmly, without fear of falling into a virtual prison. And at night illegal races take place, for participation in which you get reputation points, without which you can’t get access to important events and rare details for improving a car. In addition, some riders do not play by the rules, and the police really do not like it when someone breaks the law.

This time, the authors of the project focus on the fact that the rider earns all-new details directly for passing the races. You can even see what part you can win here before the start. Cards from Payback removed. Apparently, the negative side of the community has affected EA. Also, the authors of the project reported that at night the police will withdraw special units to the highway and they will brutally fight law-breakers. It’s impossible to get away from the cops – you need to not only drive fast but also learn the map well.

Gameplay trailer Need for Speed ​​Heat will be shown on August 19, but for now, developers have told about the standard and deluxe editions. In the extended edition you get additional cars and suits, plus + 5% to reputation and + 5% to virtual money. Yes, EA continues to surprise – now for a separate amount of real money you will receive more virtual funds. However, nothing new.

Prices for Need for Speed ​​Heat:

  • PS4 – basic edition 4499 rubles, Deluxe 4999 rubles;
  • PC (Origin) – the basic edition of 3499 rubles, Deluxe 3999 rubles;
  • Xbox One is the base edition of $ 59.99, Deluxe $ 69.99.

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