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Elder Scrolls 6: release date, locations, and everything else we know

Elder Scrolls 6 release date is still a long way off, but here’s all the hints about what could be in store for Bethesda’s ginormous RPG.

Well if you thought because Fallout 76 on the horizon meant that Bethesda had taken its eyes off the ball when it comes to Elder Scrolls 6, you’d be wrong. Because Elder Scrolls 6 is officially coming.

It’s been 7 years since Skyrim first came out, you really can’t blame anyone for being a bit restless. So while it’s safe to assume that the E3 2018 schedule will have a distinct lack of anything Elder Scrolls-flavoured, there’s still plenty to hypothesise about. I’ve rounded up quotes from Todd Howard and Pete Hines to put together the kinds of things we could expect from Elder Scrolls 6. And yes, my fingers are still crossed. Typing with them is surprisingly easy.

Elder Scrolls 6 E3 2018 rumours are – surprise surprise – doing the rounds

Take this rumour with a colossally-sized pinch of salt. According to PowerUp Gaming, inside sources have revealed some of the titles Microsoft has exclusive marketing with. In addition to Borderlands 3, Cyberpunk 2077, and the Anthem game is the long-awaited Elder Scrolls 6. All you have to do is glance below to see that both Pete Hines and Todd Howard have repeatedly said that Bethesda Game Studios has two titles to release before it even start planning Elder Scrolls 6, and those two titles are almost definitely Fallout 76 and Rage 2. So don’t get your hopes up. All attention is going to be focused on those two games for the foreseeable future, by the sounds of it. And yes, it kills me a little bit to write that.

Not even Todd Howard’s son knows about Elder Scrolls 6

The amount of secrecy around Elder Scrolls 6 is no joke. Todd Howard recently mentioned in an interview that his son doesn’t even know any of the details about it. In Howard’s own words, his son is “like, ‘OK, when is Elder Scrolls 6 coming?’. And I’m like, ‘I’m not gonna talk about that right now either’. He’s like, ‘Can I give you my ideas? Can I work on it? Come on, tell me a few things, I’m not going to tell anybody’. I’m like, ‘well, you might, so I’m not gonna say anything’”.

Dang it. But considering Howard said that his son “might” work on it, it sounds like Elder Scrolls 6 is definitely quite far away. Fun fact: Fallout 3’s baby Lone Wanderer – when you’re exploring your nursery like the energetic little tyke you are – was voiced by Howard’s son. As he already has voice acting on his CV, the chances of the young Howard working on Skyrim’s sequel is actually plausible. What? No, I’m not going green with envy. I just overdid it a bit on the eyeshadow today.

Bethesda says, yes, Elder Scrolls 6 will be made “eventually”

Pete Hines, VP of PR and marketing at Bethesda, has been doing the rounds again talking about DOOM and Skyrim on the Switch and in VR. But of course, the age old question of “What’s happening with the Elder Scrolls 6?” just had to come up.

He confirmed yet again that the game will happen at some point to GameSpot, saying “The Elder Scrolls 6 will eventually be made. It is multiple big releases down the plan for [Bethesda Game Studios].”

In an interview with GamesRadar+, Hines said that he knows everyone wants to know about Elder Scrolls 6.

“I went to Todd [Howard, director of Bethesda Game Studios] a couple of E3s ago and said ‘Everybody’s going to ask us about The Elder Scrolls 6. You have to help me, you have to help me come out and say what the studio’s path is, and when The Elder Scrolls 6 is coming, to try and manage expectations.'”

But more importantly, he stressed that Bethesda Game Studios doesn’t want to be known as a team that just makes Fallout and Elder Scrolls games (despite the fact that Fallout 76 has been announced, *cough*), pointing out Guerrilla’s bravery with Horizon Zero Dawn

“[The development teams] aren’t just a vending machine where you press for the soda and they just go back and forth – they want to be able to stretch their legs creatively, or try a new idea, or do something different and not just fall into the same pattern.”

“I think you see a lot of developers do that, and quite honestly, if we didn’t have folks break from it then you don’t get. Like, how unbelievable is that game?”

Bethesda are hiring new roles. Like, a lot of them.

A grand total of 20 positions were advertised on Bethesda’s job website back in 2017, all of them based in Rockville, Maryland. From Quest Designers to Concept Artists, Bethesda certainly seems to be ramping up for a big project. Fallout 76 and Rage 2 are on the horizon, so it seems unlikely that the company would be introducing new roles into those projects so late. Might these new jobs be for people who are about to start working on The Elder Scrolls 6 now that Bethesda Game Studios have named the two games they’re currently working on? We can only hope…

Warning! Below are story spoilers for the finale of the Dark Brotherhood questline in Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. Read at your own risk! 

Elder Scrolls 6 location clues point to Akavir

Details are so sparse that even vague rumours about the Elder Scrolls 6 location are difficult to come across. There’s certainly no shortage of locations, however. The last time the series took us somewhere completely new was when players visited Solstheim in the Dragonborn DLC, exploring an ash-covered Island populated by Dunmer (and perpetually pissed-off Ash Spawn). Both Oblivion and Skyrim took us to places inhabited dominantly by humans, so I’m hoping that a serious change is on the cards – hopefully somewhere inhabited primarily by a non-human race.

The strongest candidate so far is the continent Akavir. A screenshot from Morrowind appears to foreshadow Skyrim’s civil war, saying that the Akaviri (a vampiric serpent race, otherwise known as pure nightmare fuel) is just waitingfor a chance to invade the country. Parted from Tamriel by one whole ocean, Akavir would be a wildly different landscape to explore. Hard details on just what the continent looks like from the ground aren’t easy to come by, but four new races do call it home. Regions include Tang Mo (home to an ape-like species), Kamal (populated by demons), Ka’Po’Tun (where you can find tiger-people, who are allied with the inhabitants of Tang Mo), and lastly Tsaesci. Tsaesci is where those bloodsucking serpentine vampires come from, and therefore according to that screenshot is the most likely to invade Tamriel. Not good. Or maybe it is, if you especially relish the idea of encountering such horrifying foes on the battlefield.

We’re spoilt for choice, really. Within Tamriel there’s the elvish countries of Valenwood, lush woodland home to the Bosmer, or the Summerset Isles where the snobbish Altmer rule. Or the series could take a trip to Black Marsh where the Argonians live, a marshland rife with exotic poisons and guerrilla warfare. Last on the cards is Elsweyr. Hot, arid, and the home of moon sugar plantations, the Khajit hail from there and are often heard reminiscing about its beautiful landscape. Wherever Elder Scrolls 6 goes, it’s sure to be crammed full of quests and a whole new political climate – especially considering the consequences of Skyrim’s civil war and its impact on the Empire will likely be far-reaching.

Perhaps the side you chose in the civil war will even have an impact on the story. Think about it: a victory for the Stormcloaks would mean a weaker Empire, but the Stormcloak’s racism towards elves (remember how the Dunmer are treated in Windhelm) would still be rife. Fighting for the Empire would further their suffocating bureaucracy and the lack of religious freedom – but let’s not forget that the Dark Brotherhood storyline had you assassinate the Emperor. What kind of state did that leave the Empire in? You’ll have to wait to find out…

Elder Scrolls 6 news is almost non-existent (sorry)

Knowing how far Elder Scrolls 6 is into development is tricky. Very tricky. Mainly because there’s not really any Elder Scrolls 6 news. Back in 2016 Bethesda’s Todd Howard told TeamRock “I think it’s good to tell our fans in these moments, yes, of course we are making Elder Scrolls 6. It’s something we love. But it is — I have to be careful what I say — it’s a very long way off. I could sit here and explain the game to you, and you would say, ‘That sounds like you don’t even have the technology — how long is that going to take?’ And so it’s something that’s going to take a lot of time, what we have in mind for that game”.

Remaining enigmatic as ever, it sounds like Howard has some pretty ambitious plans for the series. Judging by the sounds of it, we could be seeing the inclusion of some feature (or, ahem, bug) that can’t be done with current tech. Fallout 4included building your own settlements and managing their creation of resources, and if Fallout 76 builds on that mechanic it could be an indication that Bethesda is looking to include a similar thing in Elder Scrolls 6. Either that, or it’s something completely new which I can’t wait to see.

Fast-forward to 2017 and Howard changed his tune. Speaking in an interview with PCGamesN, he said that the team “have at least two major titles that they are working on before we’re gonna get to Elder Scrolls 6. TES 6 is not in dev while we work on [those]”.

Those two titles are Fallout 76 and Rage 2, so Bethesda should begin to work on Elder Scrolls 6 once those two titles are out in the open. Fingers crossed, people.

Elder Scrolls 6 release date is far, far away

Elder Scrolls 6 is a long, long way away. Sorry about that. In a recent tweet Pete Hines confirmed that those two games you thought needed to be ticked off before any discussions about the Elder Scrolls 6 release date could happen weren’t The Evil Within 2 and Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus (anyway, Bethesda Game Studios didn’t actually work on either of those titles, although they were published by Bethesda Softworks). Now we know those “other big games” are Fallout 76 and Rage 2. So, sit back, relax (or don’t, depending on how much you was Elder Scrolls 6 to be announced), and maybe try one of the other best open world games around to occupy your time. Sorry. Again.

It’s not a surprise, really. Bethesda only tend to announce games once they’re almost ready for release – so it’s no surprise that we haven’t heard anything official about Elder Scrolls 6 yet. We’re betting that if (and that’s a colossal-sized if) development has already started we should get a teaser in 2019 or early 2020 for a release in 2021. Hopefully…

Elder Scrolls 6 races aren’t likely to be anything new

Seeing as Skyrim didn’t add any new races to the selection, it’s doubtful whether we’ll get the chance to play as anything other than elves, khajit, argonians, or humans. Sea elves are in the Elder Scrolls Online, however – meaning that they have the tiniest of chances of being included in the list of Elder Scrolls 6 races. Don’t bet on it, though.

Elder Scrolls 6 platforms will let everyone play!

Safe to bet it’ll be released on PC, Xbox One, PS4, PS4 Pro, and Xbox One X. We’d be surprised if Bethesda would limit the Elder Scrolls 6 platforms to just one. If they did I’d probably cry a bit. And then cry a bit more.


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