All Saint’s Day

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On November 1, Catholics around the world commemorate all of the saints, both those with specific feast days and those without.

All Saints day is a day to celebrate the lives of all of the saints, who are models of how to live a life in imitation of Jesus Christ.

All Saints Day

The saints teach us how to be holy, even in the midst of ordinary life. They are examples of what it means to be a Christian.

All Saints day is also known as All Hallows’ day or Hallowmas. It is a day to venerate all of the holy men and women who have been canonized by the Catholic Church.

What is All Saints day?

All Saint’s day is an event celebrated by the Catholic and Christian community annually every November 1. An event that honors those who have attained heaven. All Saints day is an event that reminds us how connected we are with each other. Christians and Catholics take the time to honor the Martyrs who offered their lives fighting to keep their faith alive. We seek to find out how we, as the current keepers of faith continue to spread the word of God just like how the martyrs did. However, All Saints day should not be confused with All Souls day which is celebrated on the 2nd day of November.

The History of All Saint’s Day

There are several theories regarding the origin of All Saints day but no source can guarantee certainty with its history. However, most sources will state that there was a feast celebrated every May 13 to honor the lives of the martyrs who have fought to keep their faith and Christianity. during the Roman Empire.

When is All Saint’s Day?

This event is celebrated every November 1 of each year. Although originally celebrated on May 13 during the golden days, Pope Gregory III changed and established the holiday to be celebrated on the 1st of November. In most parts of the world, it is declared to be a non-working holiday for the people to commemorate the day properly and attend the holy Eucharist.

How is All Saint’s Day Celebrated?

All Saint’s Day is celebrated and observed by tons of people all across the world. It is considered to be a holy day of obligation meaning everyone should attend mass and receive the Holy Eucharist. Failure to attend mass is acceptable only when there is a valid reason such as being ill. It is celebrated also by praying and giving gratitude the lives and deaths of saints. In several countries across the globe, November 1 is declared a non-working holiday so that people can have the time off to commemorate this special event. In Europe, it is customary for people to light candles up on home altars, and the graves of the departed loved ones.

Why We Love All Saint’s Day

Aside from reminding the people how connected we are with each other, The period from All Saint’s day to All Souls day or otherwise known as all hallow tide season is a time to reflect and celebrate the lives of our departed loved ones. It is also a time for families to come together, attend mass and have even a small gathering to commemorate the faith.


An event that dates back to the golden days and is still widely celebrated by most of the people around the world. All Saints day is a day of commemoration, appreciation and a moment of self-reflection for each and every Christian across the globe. It is an eye-opener that Christianity remains because of the martyrs who fought to keep it alive.


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