America Recycles Day

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Recycling is one of the most important acts that can be performed in this modern society as it will not only allow you to save a considerable amount of money and resources but also, you will be helping the planet to stay healthy, even if it’s in a small margin.

America Recycles Day

If everyone happens to start recycling more constantly, that means the margin would be much larger, and more economic and environmental benefits could be obtained, that’s why America Recycles Day exists.

What is America Recycles Day?

In simple words, is a national observance that was created with the objective of paying tribute and educating more and more people on the art of recycling, its benefits, and why you should keep doing it every day in order to reduce the waste that is flooding this planet and damaging the nature. The margins of ecological and human waste in nature are rising at a fast pace, which means that oceans will have more waste, trees will die, and many animals won’t have a space to live anymore, that’s why acts like recycling should be practiced more frequently.

The History of America Recycles Day

Before becoming a national observance in the US, this day started as Texas Recycles Day in 1994, and later, when Kevin Tuerff and Valerie Davis (the ones who proposes the idea of the Texas Recycles Day) decided to offer the idea of making a national day with the same objective of their previous project to the Nation Recycling Coalition, and then later that year, the first America Recycles Day was announced in Orlando Florida. But it wasn’t until 1999 that president Bill Clinton published and signed a proclamation, making America Recycles Day a national observance.

When is America Recycles Day?

Every November 15 the US is celebrating America Recycles Day and the main celebration and conferences are held by the program Keep America Beautiful organization which are the recycling group that takes care of the main events, and the good thing about this is the fact every single year a whole new theme is used, in 2020 the theme was individual action and how you can perform recycling by yourself.

America Recycles Day Dates

This year America Recycles Day is celebrated on Friday, Nov 15, 2024

Year Date Day
2024 Nov 15 Friday
2025 Nov 15 Saturday
2026 Nov 15 Sunday
2027 Nov 15 Monday
2028 Nov 15 Wednesday
2029 Nov 15 Thursday

How is America Recycles Day Celebrated?

There are many ways of celebrating this special day, but the main event without any doubt is the one being held by the Keep America Beautiful organization which holds multiple conferences about the special theme of the year related to recycling, and during the event, they continue to collect recyclable materials during the whole month, so it’s not a celebration of a single day, as recycling is something that can be easily performed every day! Also, during this day you can learn the importance and ways in which you can continue your recycling journey, so you can celebrate by recycling or educating yourself on the topic.

Why we Love America Recycles Day

The reason why this day is loved is because of its importance on the earth and also on how it shows to a lot of people the major importances how having a clean planet, how recycling can help to the process of making our lives, cities and environment more beautiful and also they show you how to do and perform recycling by your own ways every single day.


America Recycles Day is one of those unique dates that you wish to have discovered before, as there are many ways in which you can help to keep making the mission of recycling groups more obtainable and possible, even if individual action is only a small margin of results if a lot of people joins the recycling activities that margin of result will keep rising, meaning that our planet will keep benefiting for our good actions.


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