Awkward Moments Day

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We all have them – moments where it feels like the whole room is looking at us and all we want is to sink through the carpet. Whether it’s saying just the wrong thing or having to broach a difficult topic, we’ve all been there. Some of us experience this feeling multiple times a day while others seem to glide through life mostly immune.

awkward moments day

Regardless of which one you are, there’s now a day to look back on them and smile instead of cringe. Awkward Moments Day is a way to chuckle wryly, let something go, or learn from an awkward moment.

What is Awkward Moments Day?

Awkward Moments Day is a day to celebrate, laugh about, and otherwise embrace those awkward moments that happened to you over the past year. Whether it was something that happened recently, or something burned into your memory, now is the chance to realize that it was ridiculous and have a laugh. Recounting these stories may be uncomfortable but it will also help you grow and understand a little more about what happened during that time. This is a holiday everyone can relate to, whether they are willing to tell their story or not.

The History of Awkward Moments Day

No one is sure who or when Awkward Moments Day was created but we do know it was created to embrace those awkward moments that happen throughout the year. The anonymous founder hoped everyone would embrace their awkward moments and learn from them.

When is Awkward Moments Day?

The holiday is March 18th of every year. Not too far into the new year, it’s a good time to look past over the past year and the first couple months of this new year. This holiday involves looking back, but it’s also situated perfectly to look ahead.

Awkward Moments Day Dates

This year Awkward Moments Day is celebrated on Monday, Mar 18, 2024

Year Date Day
2024 Mar 18 Monday
2025 Mar 18 Tuesday
2026 Mar 18 Wednesday
2027 Mar 18 Thursday
2028 Mar 18 Saturday
2029 Mar 18 Sunday

How to Celebrate

This is your chance to see the humor in all awkward situations. Whether it’s something that happens to you on the day itself or in the past, don’t be afraid to share the embarrassing moment with family and friends. If you’re feeling really daring, you could have an awkward moments story telling competition with family or friends. Everyone has had awkward moments, but who has the best story? It’s a good way to have fun and get to know each other. The one rule would be that you only can tell awkward stories about yourself, not anyone else in the room.

Why We Love Awkward Moments Day

Everyone has awkward moments in their lives and having the chance to laugh about them is just what we need. Laughter cures many more ailments than time and that’s exactly what this holiday is about. It gives us the chance to see humor in an embarrassing situation and takes the sting out of it.


Awkward Moments Day is a holiday for everyone! Whether a naturally clumsy person or not, we all have some awkward moments that need embraced and looked at differently. Take this day to do just that and spend the rest of the year looking for the humor in those awkward situations you know are coming.


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