Best Friends Day

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Best Friends Day is an annual celebration of friendship. We all have them, but not everyone has someone to share their life with. We are social beings wired to be connected emotionally and physically. The research shows that people with more strong relationships live longer lives and are healthier. That’s why it’s so important that you find ways to form friendships with others so you can reap these benefits.

best friends day

What is Best Friends Day?

Best Friends Day is celebrated on 8 June, and it’s a day to spend quality time with your best friend. Some people celebrate by making up a game or going for a walk, cooking dinner together, or sharing their best stories. Best Friends Day is about celebrating the friends there for you no matter what because they are your true soulmates.

The History of Best Friends Day

Best Friends Day began as a celebration of friendship in 1935. U.S. Congress devoted a day each year in tribute to close friends. It was started to show how much we need each other and how important friendships are.

It’s also a good excuse to call your best friend and catch up on things finally. The best part about this day is that it’s all about celebrating the friendships you already have with those around you.

When is Best Friends Day?

Best Friends Day is celebrated on 8 June. Best Friends Day is a big celebration of friendship that’s now celebrated worldwide.

Best Friends Day Dates

This year Best Friends Day is celebrated on Saturday, Jun 08, 2024

Year Date Day
2024 Jun 08 Saturday
2025 Jun 08 Sunday
2026 Jun 08 Monday
2027 Jun 08 Tuesday
2028 Jun 08 Thursday
2029 Jun 08 Friday

##How is Best Friends Day Celebrated?

Typically, it’s celebrated by spending time with your best friend. You can cook dinner together, play games, or do anything else you enjoy doing. The important thing is to be able to spend quality time with them.

Some people will go out to eat at their favorite restaurant. It could also be an opportunity for the two of you to make a deal- you take them out to eat, and they take you out to eat another day.

You might also want to send them a gift card for their favorite store or buy flowers for them.

The point is that it’s about celebrating friendship and appreciating those who are there for us no matter what.

##Why We Love Best Friends Day

Best Friends Day is a day to celebrate the friends you have and the friends you hope to find. It’s a day to spend time with your best friend, whether you make up a game or go for a walk, cook dinner together, or share your best stories.

We all have them, but not everyone has someone to share their life with. And that’s why it’s so important that we take this day and celebrate the friends we do have and make new friends as well.


Friends are the family that you choose for yourself. The friends that you surround yourself with should be people who support you and care about you. It’s important to take the time to appreciate your friends and to tell them how much they mean to you.

Best Friends Day is a day to celebrate all of your friends. It’s the perfect opportunity to say thank you for all of the times they have helped you out by being there for you, listening to your problems, and supporting you.


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