Boxing Day

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In many countries, Boxing Day is celebrated on December 26th. It is a holiday that follows Christmas day, and it is typically celebrated by exchanging gifts or giving to charity.

Today, Boxing Day is celebrated in many different ways around the world. In some countries, it is a day for giving to charity.

Boxing Day

Others use it as an opportunity to exchange gifts or visit family and friends. In some places, such as Canada, Boxing Day is also celebrated as a day off work. This gives people a chance to relax and enjoy the holiday.

What Is Boxing Day?

Boxing day is a holiday celebrated the day after Christmas Day. It is named after the tradition of giving gifts in a box, which is believed to have originated in Britain. Boxing day is typically celebrated by exchanging gifts, going on shopping sprees, or spending time with family and friends. In some countries, such as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, it is also a day for sporting events and horse racing.

History of Boxing Day

The history of Boxing day is a bit murky, but it is thought to have originated from the British aristocracy. Boxing Day was originally a day when the servants of the aristocracy would be given gifts from their employers. Over time, it became a tradition for all people in the United Kingdom to celebrate Boxing Day.

When is Boxing Day?

Boxing Day is celebrated on the 26th of December every year. It is basically the day after Christmas Day. Essentially, the reason it is called boxing day is arguably because it is for unboxing the gifts people receive on Christmas day.

Boxing Day Dates

This year Boxing Day is celebrated on Thursday, Dec 26, 2024

Year Date Day
2024 Dec 26 Thursday
2025 Dec 26 Friday
2026 Dec 26 Saturday
2027 Dec 26 Sunday
2028 Dec 26 Tuesday
2029 Dec 26 Wednesday

How is Boxing Day Celebrated?

Regardless of its origins, Boxing Day is now a day for giving and receiving gifts, enjoying time with family and friends, and eating lots of food! In many parts of the world, Boxing Day is also known as “the day after Christmas” or “the second Christmas.”
Are you planning on celebrating Boxing Day this year? If so, here are some fun ideas for how to spend the day: Go shopping for bargains at local stores or online, spend time with family and friends, play games or watch movies, eat lots of food (of course!), go for a walk in the park or go sledding, get a massage or visit a spa, or have a party!

Why do we love Boxing day?

It might be because it’s a great opportunity to get some shopping done without all the crowds. It might be because it’s a fun day to spend with family and friends. Or it might be because Boxing Day is a special day for giving back to those in need. Whatever the reason, we love Boxing Day!


No matter how you choose to celebrate Boxing Day, it is a special holiday that brings people together. Whether you are exchanging gifts or giving to charity, Boxing Day is a time to celebrate family, friends, and the joys of the holiday season. We hope you have a wonderful Boxing Day!


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