Business of Popping Corn Day

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Popcorn, the popular snack of today, has been around since ancient times. When the Spanish conquistadors met up with the Aztecs, there are accounts they first witnessed the popping of corn. However, it was through the invention of Charles Cretors that popcorn became mainstream.

The Business of Popping Corn Day

Thanks to the creation of the first popcorn machine, more had access to this delicious snack. And due to this revolutionary feat, the Business of Popping Corn Day is celebrated annually in the United States.

Key Takeaways

  • The Business of Popping Corn Day is a tribute to the first popcorn machine created in 1885.
  • The Business of Popping Corn Day is celebrated on December 2
  • The key selling points of the invention are even popping popcorn and less waste of kernels. The world said goodbye to burnt and unevenly popped popcorn.

What is the Business of Popping Corn Day?

The Business of Popping Corn Day commemorates the day Charles Cretors got his license to sell popcorn outside his shop in 1885.

It was a catalyst in the establishment of C.Cretors & Company, a formidable food concession, and food service equipment manufacturer.

The History of Business of Popping Corn Day

Charles Cretors bought a peanut roaster machine for his candy shop. He was dissatisfied with the performance and made a few modifications. Eventually, he found out is usable for popping popcorn too.

Then by 1893, he invented and got a patent for the first machine to pop popcorn in oil. He showcased this invention at Chicago’s Columbian Exposition, where he promoted samples of his product.

By the end of the day, people lined up to buy his popcorn. From then on, the presence of freshly popped and flavored popcorn was never the same.

When is Business of Popping Corn Day?

The Business of Popping Corn Day is celebrated on December 2 every year.

Business of Popping Corn Day Dates

This year Business of Popping Corn Day is celebrated on Saturday, Oct 19, 2024

Year Date Day
2024 Oct 19 Saturday
2025 Oct 19 Sunday
2026 Oct 19 Monday
2027 Oct 19 Tuesday
2028 Oct 19 Thursday
2029 Oct 19 Friday

How is the Business of Popping Corn Day Celebrated?

The Business of Popping Corn Day celebrations is a lot of fun. Here are some ways to celebrate it.

  1. Go to the local grocery store and buy a pack of popcorn. Pop it at home and add seasonings like cheese or plain salt.
  2. If you’re nostalgic, get hot popcorn from the cinema. The popcorn machine in theatres has the spirit of Charles Cretors invention.
  3. Share on social media:  post pictures of your family enjoying popcorn together or using the popcorn as part of a fun holiday tradition.
  4. Make some popcorn at home and take it to a friend for a snack.
  5. Give out free popcorn at your workplace or school. ( Or send it to me 🙂 )

Why We Love the Business of Popping Corn Day

There are so many reasons to love the Business of Popping Corn Day.

  • We enjoy the tradition of popping corn with family and friends
  • The smell of popcorn fills our homes during this special day. 
  • The popping sound of popcorn brings joy to our ears.
  • We get to snack on something delicious while enjoying our holiday cheer.
  • POPCORN! Who doesn’t love it?

The Business of Popping Corn Day is also loved because it is proof of creativity and innovation. If Charles Cretors had no drive to improve his peanut toaster, then popcorn popping might have had a different direction.

Business of Popping Corn Day FAQs

  1. What type of heating method did Charles Cretors initially use?

Charles Cretors used a small steam engine to uniform pop popcorn.

  1. Where is C.Cretors & Company, an inspiration for the Business of Popping Corn Day, located?

C.Cretors & Company headquarters is in Mittel Drive-Wood Dale, Illinois.

  1. Aside from the Business of Popping Corn Day, were there other tributes to Charles Cretors?

Charles Cretors was honored by the United Postal Service in 1988 by issuing a postage stamp. It featured the 1902 version of the first popcorn machine wagon.

4.  What is the Business of Popping Corn Day’s goal?

Business of Popping Corn Day’s goal is to bring awareness to the many contributions made by Charles Cretors.


The Business of Popping Corn Day is not just about a tasty snack. It is about the ingenuity of the business owner Charles Cretors. This holiday is proof that current methods are still subject to improvements. And working hard on it can result in new products that the public will love and enjoy.


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