Christmas Card Day

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As the Christmas holidays approach, there will be parties and celebrations galore. This time of year always seems to have a festive aura, and we often use any excuse for a Christmas celebration. So, you may be excited to discover a new holiday, this season.

Key Takeaways

  • Christmas Card Day is celebrated on December 9 every year.
  • Christmas cards were invented in 1847 in England
  • Christmas cards let us express our creativity and stay connected to our families
  • Christmas cards help us spread the joy of the season

What is Christmas Card Day?

It is a day for individuals and families to buy, sign, address, and send out their Christmas cards. This day is not only picked for its relative proximity to Christmas but because it is far away enough from the bigger mailing days coming later in the month.

The History of Christmas Card Day

Although it is difficult to find documentation of the first time Christmas Card Day was celebrated, it is believed December 9 was chosen to honor the inventor of the Christmas card: Sir Henry Cole. His first card, sent in 1847, depicted a family raising a toast.

When is Christmas Card Day?

Christmas Card Day will be celebrated this year on December 9.

Christmas Card Day Dates

This year Christmas Card Day is celebrated on Monday, Dec 09, 2024

Year Date Day
2024 Dec 09 Monday
2025 Dec 09 Tuesday
2026 Dec 09 Wednesday
2027 Dec 09 Thursday
2028 Dec 09 Saturday
2029 Dec 09 Sunday

How is Christmas Card Day Celebrated?

Christmas Card Day is often celebrated by sending out a festive card or batch of cards to friends and family. Many people also like to make and send their own cards, as a way to show creativity and connect with loved ones.

Learn more about making christmas cards!

Top 3 ways to celebrate Christmas Card Day

  1. Make Your Own Christmas Cards – Nothing says “I care” like a homemade card. Why spend money on commercially-prepared cards when you can use construction paper or brightly colored stationery? Grab your pens and draw a picture or design that shows your favorite people you are truly thinking of them.
  2. Make a Card Display – you may have kept some favorite cards from past years – or you may get special ones this year. Grab a corkboard or poster, or fasten the cards to the fridge with magnets.
  3. Send a newsletter – There are online programs to make this easy. They will process some photos and insert them into a page or two of the year’s happenings for you or your family. You can send the same newsletter to everyone on your list.
Christmas Card Day

Why We Love Christmas Card Day 

It’s easy to love anything associated with Christmas, but we can especially cherish Christmas card day because:

  1. It’s a Way to Be Creative – Even if you don’t make your own Christmas cards, your choice of design and message will still let you make a statement about your personality and your holiday wishes
  2. They Keep You Connected – Each card you send is a way we can reach out to a family member. Each card you receive will be a way for them to send you a long-distance “hug.”
  3. Christmas Cards are Special Enough to Be in a Museum – Queen Anne’s collection of cards from the 1900s are displayed in the British Museum. If you want to see the first-ever Christmas card, it’s displayed at the Charles Dickens museum. It was sent the same year as “A Christmas Carol” was first presented.

Christmas Card Day FAQs

What is the most common Christmas card?

The most common Christmas card is a group of three cherubs. Two of them are praying, while the third opens his eyes – as if mischievously peeking during the prayer.

Can we only send out “Christmas” cards on Christmas card day?

The joy of the season embraces all winter holidays – so sending a Hanukah or Kwanzaa card would be a proper way to celebrate.

Who can I send the cards to?

Anyone and everyone! The possibilities are endless. Family, friends, coworkers, club members… anyone you want to send a blessing to is worthy of a card.


Add some more joy to your Christmas season when you celebrate Christmas Card Day. This is one celebration that’s likely to help you both give and receive.


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