Christmas Day

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Christmas Day is one the most popular holidays of the year. It is recognized internationally and celebrated by people of all ages. Not only is this observed within the family, but the community is involved as well. It is the time of the year when many groups would organize parties, charity events, gift-giving, and festive contests like singing Christmas Carols.

christmas day

The media also give special attention to this occasion. It includes books, television show episodes, movies, and songs. Commercially printed calendars have December 25 automatically marked. And many people take the time to prepare for this festivity. Festive decorations fill the homes, offices, commercial buildings, and public places.

What is Christmas Day?

Christmas Day is about the birthday of Jesus Christ. In Christian belief, Jesus was born from a blessed virgin, and humbly in a manger was conceived. The location is determined to be in Bethlehem. Until this day, there is a church built in the area where the event is said to have occurred. Many religious pilgrimages visit this venue all year round. It is to pay homage to God’s Son, who took the form of a Man. It is the starting point of Jesus’ ministry. As an adult, he preached about salvation from sins. In the end, to complete His mission, Jesus was crucified and bore all the sins of the world.

The History of Christmas Day

The exact date of Jesus’ birth is not exactly determined. The account in the Bible’s New Testament. Namely in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. December 25 is often associated with the first Christian historian named Sextus Julius Africanus. It is believed that the date chosen is to link Jesus’ birth to the “rebirth of the sun.” Another theory is that March 25 is the conception of Jesus’. Based on a nine-month pregnancy, the birthdate should be December 25.

When is Christmas Day?

Christmas Day is observed every December 25 of the year. In ancient times, this was only considered a minor holiday. During the Middle Ages, the celebrations became festive. And this tradition has been practiced ever since.

Christmas Day Dates

This year Christmas Day is celebrated on Monday, Dec 25, 2023

Year Date Day
2023 Dec 25 Monday
2024 Dec 25 Wednesday
2025 Dec 25 Thursday
2026 Dec 25 Friday
2027 Dec 25 Saturday
2028 Dec 25 Monday

How is Christmas Day Celebrated?

Christmas celebrations are done in many ways. To kick off the festivities decorations are set up everywhere. Popular decors are Christmas trees, wreaths, lanterns, candles, Santa-inspired socks, and Christmas lights. People also begin their holiday shopping to purchase gifts for their loved ones.

The gift-giving is referenced to the presents Jesus Christ received from His visitors after He was born.

Christmas brings a sense of unity and expression of love. It is a non-working holiday so people can take time to spend with their families. It is a celebration filled with gifts, food, and song.

Why We Love Christmas Day

Christmas Day is a fun-filled holiday that promotes goodwill to all men. It showcases man’s inherent goodness and tribute to the birth of Jesus Christ. It is that one time of the year when you can enjoy yourself with family and friends while the whole world celebrates too.


Christmas Day is a traditional holiday of religious origin recognized all over the world. It has been around for centuries promoting the arrival of man’s Salvation through Jesus Christ. It is a time where peace, love, joy, and positivity are observed at their highest.


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