Computer Security Day

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Computers are simply considered the most important workstation for many, the best technological companion to distract your mind by others, and even a great tool to complete tasks that in the past had to be done in a more annoying way!

Computers are just too great to simply ignore. However, as technology involving the development and manufacturing of such machines starts evolving, so do the people who just want to cause trouble to people around the world, cyberattacks are becoming more and more common, and that’s why Computer Security Day is a thing.

Computer Security Day

This day is set aside to remind computer users to take precautions to protect their computers and the information they store on them. Basic security measures such as creating strong passwords, installing antivirus software, and being aware of phishing scams can help keep your computer safe.

National Computer Security Day is also a good time to check your computer’s security settings and make sure they are as tight as possible.

What is Computer Security Day?

Computer security day is a special date in which certain companies and organizations celebrate computer security awareness. Many events are planned to help increase computer security knowledge and to show the importance of practicing good cyber hygiene. These events may include online and in-person training, workshops, and contests.

The goal of computer security day is to help educate people about the importance of computer security and how they can improve it in their own lives. By teaching people about the different ways to stay safe online, computer security day aims to make the internet a more secure place for everyone!

The History of Computer Security Day

Computer Security Day started back in 1988, when computers were becoming commonplace in houses and offices around the world, but even in those days, hacking and cyberattacks were a threat (just on small scale). Since that year, the Association for Computer Machinery (ACM) decided to create this special day to raise awareness in the population about cybersecurity and why it’s something that should bother you even in a small way.

When is Computer Security Day?

This day is celebrated every November 30, and since 1988 it’s celebrated every single year, and some of the most important technological brands and companies in the world post valuable information and tips about how to make your computers and technological devices more secure and protected against all kind of digital threats, hackers and cyberattacks that are targeting your data when you less know it.

How is Computer Security Day Celebrated?

The way in which this special day is celebrated is by following the information that is posted on social media or the main websites of the giants of technology and applying the tips on your computers to stay secure. Also, if you have any friends or family members who are not as informed as you on this topic of cybersecurity, then you can celebrate this day by giving them the knowledge about computer security that they will treasure without any doubt as they will be able to raise their security online and it will allow them to conserve the state of their data and important documents on their intelligent devices.

Why we Love Computer Security Day?

This day is fairly loved by the enthusiasts of technology around the world because of the amount of valuable knowledge that is obtained by tech companies or brands around the world and the internet, also, you will be able to understand the reason behind things, why hackers target your or others computers, why cyberattacks are a thing and so many other confusing other terms that you might have ever heard before, but once you do, the importance of them will stay inside your mind for a long time.


Computer Security Day is one of those special days that you might know that they existed, but once you discover them you’ll be willing to celebrate them every single year, and in fact, this day is as special as it sounds because not only it raises awareness but it also allows you to improve your security and to understand who the internet and the world is working in these actual days.