Data Privacy Day

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Data is one of the most valuable assets for any organization, whether big or small. For this reason, protecting mature data is at the outset of an organization’s infrastructure roadmap.

With business becoming more agile, every company now depends on its IT infrastructure to serve as a strategic competitive advantage.

Celebrate Data Privacy Day on Jan 28!

Even with growing security concerns, companies are always looking for ways to maximize their return on investment (ROI).

This year, Data Privacy Day falls on January 28. This is a good time for organizations to pause and reflect on the type of data, how it’s used, and who has access to it. If not handled properly, data breaches can lead to the loss of electronic assets – including intellectual property – and tarnish an organization’s reputation.

What is Data Privacy Day?

Data Privacy Day is an international observance day observed on January 28, marking business, government, and non-profit organizations’ commitment to protecting personal information. Data Privacy Day was founded in the United States by the National Cyber Security Alliance. It is a global effort dedicated to helping people take control of their personal information.

The first Data Privacy Day took place on January 28, 2008. It has now evolved into an international event, with ICMEC organizing events worldwide.

The National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) is the co-creator of Data Privacy Day. NCSA says it’s a day to “commemorate an anniversary of the Information Age in which we can celebrate how far we have come in developing technologies that help us work, play and live together in our modern society while honoring the importance of protecting the individual right to privacy.”

People worldwide are invited to join in this international effort by taking concrete steps that protect their personal information.

When is Data Privacy Day?

Data Privacy Day is celebrated on January 28.

Data Privacy Day Dates

This year Data Privacy Day is celebrated on Sunday, Jan 28, 2024

Year Date Day
2024 Jan 28 Sunday
2025 Jan 28 Tuesday
2026 Jan 28 Wednesday
2027 Jan 28 Thursday
2028 Jan 28 Friday
2029 Jan 28 Sunday

How is Data Privacy Day celebrated?

Governments, businesses, and individuals celebrate Data Privacy Day with activities to raise awareness about online privacy issues. The observance has included speeches, conferences, educational programs, and press events.

In 2008, the first Data Privacy Day began as a grassroots effort to raise awareness about identity theft and privacy issues through social media channels. The day’s activities have since evolved to include online resources for consumers, including a video contest aimed at students ages 13-18 which continues today. In addition, international businesses and governments use the day to make formal commitments or announcements about their privacy policies.

By pledging on January 28, businesses and individuals gain access to free educational materials designed to help them proactively safeguard personal information. Participants also receive a “Data Privacy Day” kit that includes posters, stickers, buttons, and other items for use in their organization or home.

People are encouraged to take additional steps beyond the pledge. After signing up, people receive a kit that includes helpful “how-to” information about online privacy, including tips for protecting personal information when using social networking sites and mobile phones, making online purchases, searching online, sending email, keeping health information private, dealing with spam, and protecting passwords.


Data Privacy Day is an excellent opportunity for businesses to assess their IT security and help minimize the risk of a data breach. In addition, organizations must protect personal information that goes beyond the day.

Data Privacy Day is not just an event; it’s a commitment to protect personal information every day.

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