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Easter is celebrated on the Sunday following the full moon that falls on or after March 21. The date can vary from year to year if March 21 falls on a different day of the week, but it always follows the vernal equinox. Customs and traditions surrounding Easter often stem from ancient pagan rituals that are intertwined with those for Christianity.


The History of Easter – Why Do We Celebrate Easter?

Easter is the most important Christian festival. It commemorates the resurrection of Jesus. The name dates back to pre-Christian Germanic times, when it was a pagan spring festival called eastre, and was dedicated to the Teutonic goddess Eostre (also written as Ostara or Eastra). She brought eggs and new life into springtime.

Easter Dates in Different Countries – When and Where Is Easter Celebrated?

There are as many Easter dates as there are countries. Some countries celebrate Easter on different dates depending on where the equinox falls, such as Canada, Alaska and Hawaii.

While it is the most important Christian festival, it is not the only one. On Good Friday, Christians spend their last day of Lent fasting, and prepare themselves for their joyous Easter celebration with services and communion.

Here is a list of dates for Easter in coming years:

2021: April 4 – May 2
2022: April 17 – April 24
2023: April 9 – April 16
2024: March 31 – May 5
2025: April 20
2026: April 5 – April 12
2027: March 28 – May 2
2028: April 16
2029: April 1 – April 8
2030: April 21 – April 28
2031: April 13

Customs and Traditions Surrounding Easter

Easter is celebrated in many ways in different cultures:

Some nations don’t have any religious customs or traditions surrounding Easter. In some countries the Christian celebration happens during the time of other holy celebrations such as marriages, family reunions, outdoor parties, or private parties. Other times Christians celebrate their holiday during a Sunday that would be otherwise a day without employment (usually a public holiday).

In some countries such as Poland, France and Germany, there is another holiday called Spring Break. In countries with University or College students, like the United States and Canada, they celebrate this break by climbing into a car, driving to a warmer clime, and spending time having fun in the sun or sand.

Eggs are often given as gifts on Easter and used in the celebration of the holiday. Eggs are symbols of new life and fertility. They are also painted and hidden by children (both at traditional Easter Egg Hunts as well as at home.) The egg is seen as a symbol of Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection. However, in some countries, Christ is not an Easter symbol, but something else.

Egg decorating is a widespread tradition. Eggs are also symbol of the whiteness of Christ’s skin. This is reflected in the Easter tradition of the Easter Bunnies and eggs that you see at stores.


Easter is celebrated around the world and for different reasons. It is a time for happiness and celebration. Egg decorating is a widespread tradition and traditionally, Christ’s skin is symbolized by the egg. Easter was a Pagan holiday, based on the goddess Ostara. It was changed to celebrate Christ’s Resurrection (from ancient European roots).

Hope you have fun and enjoy your Easter!


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