Electronic Greeting Card Day

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November 29th is a special day dedicated to sending electronic greetings. It’s a day where we’re encouraged to break out of our shell and send an email, text, or social media message to the people we care about. Though it may seem like a trivial pursuit, sending an electronic greeting can actually make someone’s day. It shows that you’re thinking about them, even if you’re not able to be there in person.

Electronic Greeting Card Day

This day is all about sending digital cards instead of traditional paper cards. Why? Because they’re fun, fast, and easy to send! You can even add a little humor or a personal touch to really make your card stand out. So why not try sending an electronic card today?

What is Electronic Greeting Card Day?

Did you know that there is a special day set aside specifically for electronic greeting cards? There are all sorts of reasons to send an e-card on Electronic Greeting Card Day. Maybe you want to show your appreciation for someone’s help, or maybe you just want to say hello and let them know you’re thinking about them.

There are many different types of greeting cards, but the most popular by far is the electronic greeting card. This type of card is sent through email or social media and allows the recipient to easily and quickly view the card.

Electronic greeting cards are a great way to show your loved ones that you’re thinking of them, especially on special occasions like Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

So no matter what the reason, e-cards are a great way to show your loved ones that you care.

The History of Electronic Greeting Card Day

Electronic greeting card day has a long and interesting history. The first electronic greeting cards were created in the early 1960s, and they were very simple compared to the ones we have today. They consisted of a few lines of text on a black screen, and you had to type in the recipient’s name and address manually.

In the 1970s, the first electronic greeting cards began to include images and sound effects. However, these early cards were still quite basic, and it was not until the 1990s that they began to look and feel like traditional paper cards.

Today, electronic greeting cards are extremely popular, and there are thousands of different designs to choose from. You can even create your own custom cards with photos and personalized messages. So why not send an electronic greeting card today? Your friends and family will appreciate it.

When is Electronic Greeting Card Day?

E-card Day is celebrated on November 29th every year.

Electronic Greeting Card Day Dates

This year Electronic Greeting Card Day is celebrated on Friday, Nov 29, 2024

Year Date Day
2024 Nov 29 Friday
2025 Nov 29 Saturday
2026 Nov 29 Sunday
2027 Nov 29 Monday
2028 Nov 29 Wednesday
2029 Nov 29 Thursday

How is Electronic Greeting Card Day Celebrated?

In today’s digital world, electronic greeting cards (e-cards) have largely replaced the traditional paper variety. E-cards can be sent via email, social media, or text message. They are a fun and easy way to wish someone a happy birthday, anniversary, or just to say hello.

It is a day to celebrate the joys of e-cards and to thank the creators of these fun and festive cards. E-card Day was created in 2006 by brothers Ken and Chris Felten. The Felten brothers own an online greeting card company called Blue Mountain Arts.

Why We Love Electronic Greeting Card Day

There’s just something about electronic greeting cards that makes them so special. Perhaps it’s the ability to customize them to make them uniquely personal, or the convenience of being able to send them quickly and easily online. Or maybe it’s the way they can add a touch of fun and festivity to any occasion.

No matter what it is, there’s no doubt that electronic greeting cards are a favorite among many people. In fact, electronic greeting cards have become so popular that there is now an entire day dedicated to them! That’s right – February 11th is officially Electronic Greetings Card Day.

This gives us all a chance to celebrate our love for these charming cards and send some to our friends and loved ones!


In conclusion, electronic greeting card day is a great way to show your loved ones that you care. By sending them an e-card, you can show them that you took the time to find a special message just for them. And best of all, e-cards are free! So why not celebrate Electronic Greeting Card Day this year?


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