Global Day of Parents

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Parents play a vital role in the lives of their children. They are the first people that children learn from and look up to. Parents have a lot to contend with on a day-to-day basis, but on the annual Global Day of Parents, they should remember they are not alone. 

Global Day of Parents

What is Global Day of Parents?

Global Day of Parents is a day to celebrate and appreciate parents around the world. It is an opportunity for all parents to take a step back and reflect on their life as well as the importance of parenting. This day is intended to be a day to celebrate all parents, recognizing their hard work and support. The day also promotes parental awareness of the rights and responsibilities of parents in regard to their children. 

The History of Global Day of Parents 

The day was established by the United Nations in 2012. It is observed on the 1st of June every year. The day aims to encourage parents to spend quality time with their children, provide them with love and support, and help guide them on their journey towards adulthood. 

When is Global Day of Parents?

The day is observed on the 1st of June every year. This year the day falls on Wednesday, June 1st. It is observed before the summer holiday in many countries, notably in the Scandinavian countries.

Global Day of Parents Dates

This year Global Day of Parents is celebrated on Saturday, Jun 01, 2024

Year Date Day
2024 Jun 01 Saturday
2025 Jun 01 Sunday
2026 Jun 01 Monday
2027 Jun 01 Tuesday
2028 Jun 01 Thursday
2029 Jun 01 Friday

How is Global Day of Parents Celebrated? 

While the day is celebrated differently depending on where you are in the world, some of the most common ways to celebrate Global Day of Parents include: 

  1. Spending time with family: This can be anything from going on a picnic to attending a family-friendly event or activity. 
  2. Hanging out with friends: If you’re not able to spend the day with your family, why not get together with some friends and their families instead? 
  3. Giving back to parents in need: There are many parents out there who could use a helping hand. On Global Day of Parents, consider volunteering at a local shelter or food bank, or donating to a cause that supports parents and families. 
  4. Sharing your favorite parent-related memory or quote: Use social media to share your favorite memories of your parents or quotes about parenting. This is a great way to show your love and appreciation for all that they do. 
  5. Telling your parents how much you love them: Sometimes, the best way to show your appreciation is to simply say “I love you.” On Global Day of Parents, make sure to tell your parents how much they mean to you and how grateful you are for all their love and support. Whether you spend the day with your family or do something special on your own, we hope you will join us in celebrating this important and meaningful day.

Why We Love Global Day of Parents?

The day is important to acknowledge the importance of parenting, recognize parents for all that they do, and promote parental awareness of their rights and responsibilities towards their children. It is a great time to take a step back and reflect on what exactly it means to be a parent.

Top 5 Things We Love About Global Day of Parents

  1. The sense of community that comes with being a parent:  Parents are often the glue that holds families together. When we celebrate Global Day of Parents, we are also celebrating the strength and resilience of our families.
  2. The sacrifices parents make: There is no one way to be a parent, and every parent faces different challenges and sacrifices. On Global Day of Parents, let us all acknowledge the many ways in which our parents have enriched our lives.
  3. The love and support thatParents provide: No one is an expert on raising children, but every parent brings their own unique set of skills and strengths to parenting. On Global Day of Parents, let us all salute the countless ways that our parents have shown love for their children.
  4. The importance of family: Families are the foundation upon which societies are built. Without strong families, societies would be unable to sustain themselves. On Global Day of Parents, let us all pledge to support and strengthen our families.
  5. The importance of community: Our communities are our safest places, and they are also where we find support when we need it most. On Global Day of Parents, let us all celebrate the unique bonds that form between parents and their children.


At its heart, Global Day of Parents is a celebration of the important and vital role that parents play in the lives of their children. It is also a day to remind us of the challenges that many parents face as they strive to provide their children with the best possible start in life. 


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