Hamburger Day

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The hamburger is a sandwich that originated in Hamburg, Germany. It was traditionally made with a combination of ground beef, onions, and bread crumbs. The word “hamburger” has been claimed to originate from Hamburg steak or Hamburg beefsteak, which it originally was before being changed by the addition of other ingredients. The hamburger has gone through many changes over the years.

Hamburger Day

What is Hamburger Day?

Hamburger Day is a day to honor all the great things about burgers. This year, it falls on May 28. There are many ways you can celebrate. One way is by going to your favorite burger restaurant and ordering off their menu or making one at home with beef, tomatoes, buns, and lettuce. You could also turn your next barbecue into a hamburger feast. Whatever you do on this day of honor, be sure to enjoy all the great tastes of this American classic.

The History of Hamburger Day

The history of Hamburger Day dates back to May 28, 1884.
Inventor Louis Lassen was the first person to serve what he called a “Hamburger” at his restaurant in New Haven, Connecticut. This dish consisted of a ground beef patty topped with sliced onion and a bun. The name “Hamburger” came from Hamburg steak, which emigrated from Hamburg, Germany, in the early 1800s.

This dish was originally made with minced beef brought over by German immigrants and resembled minced pork in taste because they couldn’t afford more expensive cuts of meat. Shortly after Lassen’s new invention, other restaurants began serving their hamburger version. Still, the term was not trademarked until 1935, when Louis’ grandson sold it to the National Biscuit Company (today known as Nabisco). Today, McDonald’s sells millions of hamburgers each year around the world.

When is Hamburger Day?

Hamburger Day is a day to honor the burger in all its forms, from the fast-food version to the fancy restaurant burger. This year, Hamburger Day falls on May 28. The first-ever Hamburger Day was celebrated by Wendy’s on May 28, 1974. The company declared this day as a way for them to celebrate their hamburgers and get people excited about their new menu items.

Since then, Wendy’s has continued to celebrate Hamburger Day and invite people to enjoy their burgers with so many different toppings and sauces.

Hamburger Day Dates

This year Hamburger Day is celebrated on Sunday, May 28, 2023

Year Date Day
2023 May 28 Sunday
2024 May 28 Tuesday
2025 May 28 Wednesday
2026 May 28 Thursday
2027 May 28 Friday
2028 May 28 Sunday

How is Hamburger Day Celebrated?

Hamburger Day is a day to celebrate all things burgers. Americans love their burgers, and May 28 is the perfect chance to celebrate them. People who want to celebrate Hamburger Day can head down to their favorite burger restaurant or make their own at home with some beef, tomatoes, buns, and lettuce.
People having a barbecue can turn it into a hamburger feast day. The sky’s the limit when it comes to celebrating this American classic.

Why We Love Hamburger Day

We never get tired of hamburgers. They are a classic American dish and an ingredient in many recipes. We love their versatility- you can put whatever toppings you want on them, from bacon to avocados. There’s just something about the simplicity and tastiness of a good burger. Hamburger Day is a day to enjoy all the things that make this dish so great.


A Hamburger Day is a day to celebrate all things hamburgers. There are plenty of ways to celebrate, but the most popular is to cook up a burger and enjoy it with family and friends. So grab a patty, put it between two halves of a bun, and get ready to celebrate the history of this delicious sandwich.


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