Holly Day

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The winter holidays have many great traditions and symbols that can be used to show holiday spirit. One symbol all religions and groups can enjoy and display are the wreaths of sprigs of holly. Its red and green colors are also the colors of Christmas, and it can be seen on many doorways during the holiday season.

Holly Day

What is Holly Day?

A day to celebrate the holly plant and its use as a cheerful decoration during the holidays.

The History of Holly Day

The day was first suggested by children’s author Jace-Shoemaker Galloway, who had a special affinity for the holly plant. Despite its association with Christmas, Galloway has said the day can also celebrate “all things Holly- like Buddy Holly, the city of Holly, Michigan and all women named Holly.” (1)

When is Holly Day?

Holly Day is celebrated every year on December 19.

Holly Day Dates

This year Holly Day is celebrated on Thursday, Dec 19, 2024

Year Date Day
2024 Dec 19 Thursday
2025 Dec 19 Friday
2026 Dec 19 Saturday
2027 Dec 19 Sunday
2028 Dec 19 Tuesday
2029 Dec 19 Wednesday

How is Holly Day Celebrated?

  1. Decorate your home with holly – buy some festive wreaths or sprigs of holly and spread them around your home or office.
  2. Sing “Deck the Halls” – Have fun going caroling with all your friends. Be sure to kick off the song fest with this song that mentions holly. If you know “The Holly abc the Ivy” or “Holly Jly Christmas”, sing those, too.
  3. Buy sprigs of holly and hand them out to random people, with a smile. Yo’ll be sure to get more than one smile back.

Why We Love Holly Day

  1. Holly is red and green- The colors of Christmas are bright and cheerful, and holly is a great way to decorate with those colors.
  2. Holly is easy to find – you can easily find and buy a sprig in almost any store, and it is reasonably priced. You can afford to buy a lot of it!
  3. Holly is loved by everyone – It’s hard to find someone who isn’t charmed by its bright and cheerful colors. It’s no longer strictly a Christian symbol.

Holly Day FAQs

What type of plant is holly?

Holly is an evergreen bush. It’s leaves, berries and boughs are often used as decorations

What was the first recorded use of holly by a group?

Holly has bern used in religious ceremonies of many types, since ancient times. It was a feature of the ancient Nordic winter solstice celebration – to mark the coming of darker days of winter; (as holly symbolized the eventual return of spring)

How did holly get a Christian meaning?

In addition to its use in Christian churches as a holiday decoration, its spiky leaves came to symbolize the crown of thorns worn by Jesus


Holly Day is a day to celebrate the use of holly as a decoration during the winter holidays.


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