Human Light Celebration

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When we watch the evening news, it can sometimes feel as though there is little to celebrate. Even the coming holiday season may make us sometimes feel overwhelmed. But there is a great deal of good in humanity, and a day is appointed to celebrate and emphasize that philosophy.

Human Light Celebration

What is Human Light Celebration?

Human Light Celebration is a day set aside to reflect on the human attributes of kindness, hope, human reason, and unity within us. It is not a part of any religion. Instead, it fosters the dream of a world full of harmony and peace. Each person can celebrate in their own way or join a group of like-minded people to embrace these positive concepts.

The History of Human Light Celebration

The day was created in 2001 by members of the New Jersey Humanist Network; who wanted to establish a secular holiday within the December holiday season.

The first public celebration of the holiday was on December 23, 2001, led by Dr. Paul Kurtz, in Verona, NJ. The idea spread throughout the country, and in 2004 the American Humanist Association declared it an official holiday of the humanist movement.

When is Human Light Celebration?

Human Light Celebration will take place on December 23 every year.

Human Light Celebration Dates

This year Human Light Celebration is celebrated on Monday, Dec 23, 2024

Year Date Day
2024 Dec 23 Monday
2025 Dec 23 Tuesday
2026 Dec 23 Wednesday
2027 Dec 23 Thursday
2028 Dec 23 Saturday
2029 Dec 23 Sunday

How is Human Light Celebration Celebrated?

There is no official way to celebrate the day, but people who want to be part of it should do something that reflects positive human values.

On this day, find a personal way to respect not only your own beliefs, which does not put down any other religion.

Emphasize the values we have in common with others we meet instead of the differences.

Listen to the news, read a newspaper or find a story within your social circle that portrays positive human values. Post them on your social media or spread them to whoever will listen.

Why We Love Human Light Celebration

Human Light Celebration Promotes Secularism – Some people may not understand the true meaning of secularism, and by publicizing their involvement with the movement, secular humanists can show others how it emphasizes positivity.

Today’s world needs all the positivity it can get. Human Light Celebration is a chance to spread peace, hope, and hope. It is a reminder of the values that unite all humans: kindness, thoughtfulness, and unity


Be intentional about the positive values you have in your own life, and take a day to spread those values to others.


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