International Cat Day

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Since time immemorial, different cultures have celebrated, worshiped, and idolized cats. There are numerous mythologies surrounding the mystical powers cats had during ancient times. For instance, the Greek goddess once assumed the shape of a cat when trying to escape the monster Typhon. She afterwards rewarded cats by giving them a royal treatment.

cat day

In Norse mythology, Thor (the god of lightning, thunder, and storm) gifted Freyja (god of love, fertility, wealth, and war) 2 giant gray cats which pulled her chariot. And with all these forms of reverence to cats, why wouldn’t we celebrate these mood-elevating and life quality enhancing furry felines by observing International Cat Day?

What is the International Cat Day?

International cat day is a celebration held annually to celebrate the contribution that cats bring to our lives and raise awareness on the need to care for them. Through this day, both potential and already cat parents are also educated on the ways to protect these extremely independent, intelligent, curious, and adventurous creatures.

The History of International Cat Day

This eagerly awaited celebration came into existence in 2002, thanks to the International Fund For Animal Welfare. And since then, each year, people from all walks of life honor this day by celebrating it and acknowledging the fact that cats are not only a good choice of pet to have around but also a privilege to own one.

When is International Cat Day celebrated?

International Cat Day is celebrated on different months and days in different countries. For instance, in the USA, we celebrate this day on October 29th, while in the United Kingdom and Canada, they celebrate this day on August 8th each year. February 22nd is the National cat date in Japan, whereas March 1st is Russia’s official international cat day.

International Cat Day Dates

This year International Cat Day is celebrated on Tuesday, Aug 08, 2023

Year Date Day
2023 Aug 08 Tuesday
2024 Aug 08 Thursday
2025 Aug 08 Friday
2026 Aug 08 Saturday
2027 Aug 08 Sunday
2028 Aug 08 Tuesday

How is International Cat Day Celebrated?

Below are the number of ways through which different cat parents and enthusiasts celebrate this day;

  • Investing in a quality and cat-safe gift
  • Cat parents get to buy their lifetime companions cat-safe gifts such collars, beds, and toys.
  • Hiring a professional cat groomer
  • Through adequate grooming, a cat gets to lead a happy and healthy life. Most cat owners prefer to pamper their cats during this day by taking them to a professional cat groomer.
  • Volunteering or spending time at a cat’s shelter
  • People volunteer to clean the cats’ cages, feed them or spend quality time with them in the shelter.
  • Adopting another furry companion
  • People also commemorate this day by adopting a furry feline and giving it a permanent place to call home.
  • Having a pro take photos or paint a portrait of a cat(s)

Through photos and paintings, memories are immortalized, something that most cat owners know and make sure to do during this day.

Why Do We Love International Cat Day?

During this day, we get to bond even more with our cat(s), learn how to better take care of them, and even adopt a new cat. We also get to have new cat parents join us.

This ensures that about the 6-8 million cats in the 3,500 shelters in the USA who don’t have a permanent place to call home get one. We also get to appreciate the fact that we have a lifetime companion who needs us and whom we also need.

Be Different! Take Part In International Cat Day This Year!

International Cat Day was created in 2002 with the aim of celebrating the positive impacts cats have on human life as well as getting to know how to better care for and protect these lifetime companions.

In the USA, this day is commemorated annually on October 29th, with people celebrating this day differently. Some choose to take photos or have portraits of their cats painted, while others prefer to buy gifts for their cats or adopt one.


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