International Coffee Day

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Drinking coffee has been a part of people’s everyday lives. Whether it be early in the morning or late at night, people drink coffee to help them boost their energy levels. It keeps them company during long exhausting days. However, people don’t just drink coffee for that sole purpose.

Coffee is the perfect drink to have when catching up with family and friends. Have a sip of hot coffee on a cold rainy day or a taste of some refreshing iced coffee on a hot summer day. There is just something about coffee that pulls people in.

What Is International Coffee Day?

Several people from all over the world share a common interest. Their love for coffee. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, coffee just brings people together. People’s love for coffee has pushed the International Coffee Organization to decide on having a specific day dedicated for all coffee lovers. A day for people to promote and appreciate the drink. It also raises awareness for the hardworking coffee growers that made it possible for coffee lovers to enjoy the delicious coffee beans. Although for hardcore coffee lovers, they celebrate their love for coffee every day. However, the ICO has decided on a specific day to show off to the world how great a drink coffee really is.

The History Of International Coffee Day

During the early days, there was no official date or event launched for coffee lovers to celebrate together. Different countries had different dates to celebrate National Coffee Day. As a result, members of the International Coffee Association and several other coffee associations from around the world collectively agreed on October 1st as their official day to celebrate coffee.

When Is International Coffee Day?

As people’s interest in coffee continues to increase, the International Coffee Organization held several meetings regarding the official day to celebrate our love for coffee. After some talks, they finally agreed to launch the official date for the first International Coffee Day on October 1, 2015. The official launch took place in Milan. And ever since then, every October 1, people from all over the world join in on the celebration.

International Coffee Day Dates

This year International Coffee Day is celebrated on Tuesday, Oct 01, 2024

Year Date Day
2024 Oct 01 Tuesday
2025 Oct 01 Wednesday
2026 Oct 01 Thursday
2027 Oct 01 Friday
2028 Oct 01 Sunday
2029 Oct 01 Monday

International Coffee day is not to be confused with different National Coffee Days like the Coffee Day that is celebrated in the United States on September 29.

How Is International Coffee Day Celebrated?

As we continue to buy our delicious and aromatic coffees at our favorite coffee shops, the farmers that worked hard to grow those coffee beans remain unknown and under-appreciated. International Coffee Day is celebrated to educate people on their situation and make time to appreciate the farmers that deserve more recognition and economic stability. During this day, coffee lovers just do what they love most. Buy as much coffee and make different recipes for it. Coffee shops give several promos and discounts on this day to give back to those coffee lovers. Everyone is welcome to join in and celebrate this day.

Why We Love International Coffee Day

People love International Coffee Day since it is a day wherein coffee lovers get to fully support together millions of coffee farmers who depend on it to make a living. It is a chance for them to show their love, not just for the ready-made coffees, but the entire process behind it. It gives light on the important issues regarding their favorite drink. Many people rely on coffee as their go-to drink. This is why we should give back to the coffee farmers that also rely on us to keep them going.


Having a specific day dedicated to celebrating coffee is important. With millions of coffee lovers across the world, coffee isn’t just an ordinary drink. It has been instilled in our everyday lifestyles. Celebrating it allows coffee drinkers to appreciate a drink that has been a part of their life journey. It may sound crazy but coffee lovers out there will definitely understand how much we appreciate having it.


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