International Day of Peace

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Through the years, war and conflicts among nations have been ongoing. Misunderstandings and miscommunication have led to the destruction of cities and people’s lives. If this doesn’t stop, the entire world will suffer. All this negativity could impact and influence societies to further engage in this unnecessary violence. What people need is something to shed light and positivity to resolve these conflicts.

Day of Peace

A day where everyone gathers and promotes peace. By doing this, countries are more likely to agree to see eye to eye. Having people come together to voice out and promote their thoughts and emotions can make a difference. This is why we celebrate the International Day of Peace. 

What is International Day of Peace?

International day of peace is a day dedicated to world peace. A day without war, violence, and conflicts. A day where everyone spreads peace and positivity. A day where everyone participates in activities that contribute to a more peaceful world. World peace day can help strengthen relationships of different nations and people with one another. It helps connect people and make them face the problem together and not hold it against each other. It clears people’s perspectives and helps them realize that we all are on the same side. It is also a day wherein ceasefires are called to those in combat zones. It is a humanitarian gesture from both sides to suspend the war. Doing this can help prevent further conflicts from developing. 

The History of International Day of Peace

War and violence have been around since the early years. The violent acts among nations have gotten out of control and have affected several people’s lives. International Day of Peace was established to promote and strengthen the ideals of peace among nations. It encourages people to choose peace instead of war. 

When is International Day of Peace?

The United Nations established International Peace Day on September 21, 1981. Although, at first, the date chosen for world peace day was the third Tuesday of September. And in 2001, it was changed to September 21. The event was then permanently established in calendars. And now every September 21 of each year, people celebrate this day to create a more unified world for people of all nations.

International Day of Peace Dates

This year International Day of Peace is celebrated on Saturday, Sep 21, 2024

Year Date Day
2024 Sep 21 Saturday
2025 Sep 21 Sunday
2026 Sep 21 Monday
2027 Sep 21 Tuesday
2028 Sep 21 Thursday
2029 Sep 21 Friday

How is International Day of Peace Celebrated?

International Day of Peace can be celebrated in several ways. There are all kinds of events and activities dedicated to world peace day. Some people observe a minute of silence, have spiritual gatherings, attend peace walks, volunteer in humanitarian aid and support, and so much more. Even the simple act of promoting and spreading peace to your surroundings is enough to participate in the International Day of Peace. As long as it contributes to a more peaceful society. All ongoing wars during this day are suspended. It is an agreement between both sides to observe peace and maybe come to a peaceful resolution. 

 5 Ways To Celebrate International Day of Peace

  1. Learn about the different cultures around you and appreciate their differences.
  2. Spend time with family and friends, sharing stories and laughs.
  3. Make a donation to a charity that supports peacebuilding initiatives.
  4. Plant a tree in your backyard as a symbol of hope for the future.
  5. Write or talk about your hopes for the world in a public forum or gathering.

Why We Love International Day of Peace

Amidst all the chaos, what we all want is a peaceful world for everyone to live in. People love International Day of Peace because it is a day wherein everyone has the chance to promote the ideals of peace. A chance for people of all nations to agree to choose peace. To get rid of all war and violence that causes a gap between people of different nations. Celebrating peace allows people to live their lives more positively. 

Top 5 Things We Love About International Day of Peace

  1. We love peace!  It’s what we all want and it’s something that we can all celebrate every day.
  2. This is a day where people from all over the world come together to promote peace.
  3. It’s a chance for us to learn more about other cultures and how they operate, which can help us understand each other better and build stronger relationships.
  4. We appreciate how the global community is coming together to promote peace and understanding.
  5. We are inspired by the countless people around the world who are working to create a more peaceful world. Thank you for your dedication!


Celebrating International Day of Peace allows nations and people to live more harmoniously with one another. And the stronger relationship you have, the better it is for everyone. More growth and opportunities are given when there is no war going on. Everyone gets to live their life positively and flourish in a peaceful world. 


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