International Literacy Day

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International Literacy Day is observed on September 8th each year to raise global awareness about the importance of literacy. International Literacy Day is celebrated annually on September 8. The day honors the work of literacy advocates and promotes literacy education by highlighting the importance of reading and writing. Literacy is defined as the ability to read, write, and understand information and ideas. 

Literacy is essential for success in school and in life as it enables people to access information, understand ideas, and participate in society. Today at least 773 million adults and young people lack basic literacy skills, despite progress made.

What is International Literacy Day?

International Literacy Day is celebrated on September 8th each year to raise awareness of the importance of literacy and education. The day was first celebrated in 1987 and has since been observed in over 180 countries. Literacy is seen as a fundamental human right, and efforts are being made to increase access to education for all.

Why is it important to celebrate International Literacy Day?

Literacy is essential for both personal and social development, and it can help people access information, participate in society, and build strong relationships. It is also important to remember that everyone can benefit from literacy skills – no matter their age, gender, or socioeconomic status.

By celebrating International Literacy Day, we can help raise awareness about the importance of literacy and encourage everyone to learn more about how to read and write.

The History of International Literacy Day

International Literacy Day is an annual event celebrated around the world since 1967. The day was founded by UNESCO in 1966 with the purpose “to remind the public of the importance of literacy as a matter of dignity and human rights.”

When is International Literacy Day?

International Literacy Day is celebrated on September 8th every year.

International Literacy Day Dates

This year International Literacy Day is celebrated on Sunday, Sep 08, 2024

Year Date Day
2024 Sep 08 Sunday
2025 Sep 08 Monday
2026 Sep 08 Tuesday
2027 Sep 08 Wednesday
2028 Sep 08 Friday
2029 Sep 08 Saturday

How is International Literacy Day Celebrated?

There are many ways to get involved and show your support on International Literacy Day. You can participate in events and activities organized by your local community, donate money or items to literacy-related charities, or write letters or make phone calls to legislators urging them to support literacy programs.

5 Ways To Celebrate International Literacy Day

  1. Read a book with your child or grandchildren.
  2. Join a book club and read books together.
  3. Celebrate by reading one book every day for a month.
  4. Donate books to a local library or shelter.
  5. Write a letter to a loved one telling them how much you appreciate them and how reading has enriched your life.

Why We Love International Literacy Day

Literacy is essential for everyone, no matter what their background or location. It allows people to have access to information, participate in democracy, and build successful lives. Every day, we can make a difference in the life of someone who needs help with literacy.

Top 3 Things We Love About International Literacy Day

  1. Literacy help improve lives.
  2. We love how International Literacy Day is a global celebration that brings people together to focus on the importance of literacy.
  3. We love how International Literacy Day celebrates the power of reading and writing to create change and build a better world.


In conclusion, International Literacy Day is an important day to celebrate literacy and the importance of reading and writing. It is a day to recognize the progress that has been made in literacy rates around the world, and to recommit ourselves to ensuring that everyone has access to education. Let’s work together to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to learn to read and write!

How will you celebrate International Literacy Day?


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