International Mountain Day

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Mountains are easily one of the most attractive terrains of nature because they are extremely tall and most of the world’s most unique trees, flowers, animals, and ecosystems can be found up there! And let’s not forget about how beautiful they look and how important they are for tourism of multiple countries around the world.

International Mountain Day

Also, they are pretty vital for hikers or sports enthusiasts who want to test their skills and endurance in complicated terrains like the ones that are provided by mountains, and to do so, there is a special day called International Mountain Day, let’s discover it together.

What is International Mountain Day?

In simple words, International Mountain Day is a special day which counts with the objective of paying tribute to mountains around the world who not only work as a way of keeping humankind alive (by providing enough resources to the local animals and flora of the area, as well as giving refugee for those who live in mountains) and let’s not forget that this day is special for those hikers and high-intensity sports enthusiast who use mountain terrains as an environment to develop their skills and find dangerous yet amazing spaces to have some fun, which is always good for tourism.

The History of International Mountain Day:

This special day was created by the UN (United Nations) back in 2002 due to the lack of information about mountains that most humans had back in that time, and also, this day was created with the sole purpose of showing the world how overexploitation of the mountains are things that could backfire the humankind in the future and also how important they are to the local tourism and members of the society who live in these environments. In 2003 the world started celebrating the International Mountain Day, and since that day, it has become a tradition to follow every single year.

When is International Mountain Day?

December 11 is the official date on which International Mountain Day is celebrated in the whole world, and since 2003 it has been like this without too much further change, there are many conferences and ways of celebrating this interesting day with family members, or close friends, you just need to know how it needs to be done!

International Mountain Day Dates

This year International Mountain Day is celebrated on Wednesday, Dec 11, 2024

Year Date Day
2024 Dec 11 Wednesday
2025 Dec 11 Thursday
2026 Dec 11 Friday
2027 Dec 11 Saturday
2028 Dec 11 Monday
2029 Dec 11 Tuesday

How is International Mountain Day Celebrated?

This day can be celebrated by enjoying the multiple conferences and interviews that are performed by the cultural groups that work with the UN in case you don’t live in a country or area with near mountains. But, if you happen to live nearby mountains, then you can definitely celebrate this day in full condition! By enjoying the multiple cultural interchanges and events that take place on this day in which you will be most likely participating in fun activities, however, if you desire a more lonely experience, you can do some hiking or sports in the mountains to pay some tribute for their existence.

Why we Love International Mountain Day?

We loved it because is such an important day for the planet earth and humankind as it provides people with knowledge on why mountains are so vital for the existence of mankind, and also, you get to learn and discover many things by yourself just by going to the mountains as an excuse to celebrate this day and don’t forget that the environment that you will find once you arrive will be completely different from your traditional experience on the city.


International Mountain Day is definitely important for those who desire to learn more about these majestic natural environments that hold so many important natural resources and lives that matter for the existence of humankind, and also, the conferences that are made by the UN on this special day are well made with a good value of educational information and they tend to leave some space to tell experiences of people who live in mountains or who depend on the existence of mountains to keep a healthy life.


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