International Podcast Day

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International Podcast Day is celebrated on 30th September each year to promote and celebrate the growing number of podcasts around the world. Podcasts are a great way to learn new information, have a laugh, and connect with others. They are also an excellent source of entertainment and can be used for educational purposes.

International Podcast Day

Read on for more information about International Podcast Day and how you can get involved!

What is International Podcast Day?

International Podcast Day is a coming together of podcasters from all around the world and from all walks of life to celebrate their passion for podcasting. It is a day when listeners and podcasters can participate in a global dialogue about the potential of podcasting. International Podcast Day is an invitation to listen, enjoy and broadcast podcasts. It is a day when we come together and celebrate the power of the internet and what it can offer us as well as the future of podcasting. This day marks important events in the history of podcasting and encourages listeners to subscribe to podcasts and creators to make podcasts.

What is a Podcast?

Podcast is defined as a digital audio file published on the internet and distributed through streaming media or downloadable file. Podcasts are watched through web browsers, software applications, portable media players, cell phones or other devices. A podcast is similar to an AM/FM radio show. The content of podcasts is usually a lecture, talk or discussion.

The History of International Podcast Day

International podcast day started with a conference in Canada 2007. The conference was attended by podcasting fans from all around the world. The event was broadcast live on the web, with audio and video available free of charge. This was the first time that many podcasters from different countries came together to celebrate podcasting.

When is International Podcast Day?

International podcast day is celebrated 30th September every year. This day was decided by the International Podcasting Community (ICC) which is a non-profit association of podcast creators, listeners and podcasters. They decided that this day was the perfect time to have a global celebration of podcasts due to several important events which have happened in the history of podcasting.

International Podcast Day Dates

This year International Podcast Day is celebrated on Monday, Sep 30, 2024

Year Date Day
2024 Sep 30 Monday
2025 Sep 30 Tuesday
2026 Sep 30 Wednesday
2027 Sep 30 Thursday
2028 Sep 30 Saturday
2029 Sep 30 Sunday

How is International Podcast Day Celebrated?

International podcast day is celebrated by podcasters around the world by using a podcast or an audio-related activity to promote and share their love of podcasting. International podcast day is celebrated in different ways and with different purposes. Various activities such as hosting a live show on their local internet radio station, promoting their podcast to the world via social media like Twitter and Facebook as well as posting podcasts online and by participating in a live discussion or discussion group, in person or online are done to mark the day. International podcast day is also celebrated by wearing t-shirts or by making a poster.

5 Ways To Celebrate International Podcast Day

  1. Listen to a podcast episode in your language
  2. Record and share a podcast episode with friends
  3. Listen to a different podcast every day
  4. Share a favorite podcast episode on social media
  5. Participate in a global podcast chat session

Why We Love International Podcast Day

We love International podcast day because it encourages us to promote our podcasters and speak about them. It is a day for everyone to enjoy and learn about the beauty of podcasting as well as discovering new podcasts from a variety of genres. this brings joy to people and increases the love of podcasting.

Top 5 Things We Love About International Podcast Day

  1. The worldwide celebration of podcasts!
  2. The creative and innovative ways podcasts are used by podcasters and listeners alike!
  3. The growing popularity of podcasts and the positive impact they have on our society!
  4. The opportunity to learn more about different podcasts and their creators!
  5. The sense of community that exists around podcasts


Podcasters are passionate about sharing their stories with the world. International podcast day is a way of sharing that love and passion with other podcast lovers. Podcasting is changing the way we communicate with others. In the 21st Century, everything goes through the internet. We use it to research, to share our knowledge and with podcasting, we communicate through audio.


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