International Scribble Day

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March 27th marks a unique celebration in the art world known as International Scribble Day. It is a day dedicated to the simple yet profound act of scribbling, which is accessible to everyone, irrespective of their artistic skill. The idea behind this day is to appreciate the unrestricted expression and creativity that come with the act of scribbling. From children taking their first steps in drawing to adults using scribbling as a form of stress relief or creative exploration, International Scribble Day emphasizes the importance of the process over the final product.

The origins of International Scribble Day trace back to Diane Alber’s inspiration to foster creativity and kindness through art, with the day first observed in 2019. Schools, community centers, and families across the globe use this occasion to encourage individuals, especially young children, to engage in scribbling activities. These activities aim to nurture imagination and provide a foundation for developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. More importantly, International Scribble Day serves as a reminder of the pure joy and developmental benefits of this often-overlooked form of expression.

Key Takeaways

  • Scribbling acts as a gateway to creativity and is recognized internationally on March 27th.
  • The day honors the simplicity and the joy of scribbling, promoting its role in artistic development.
  • International Scribble Day encourages participation across all age groups, highlighting its universal appeal.

International Scribble Day

History of International Scribble Day

International Scribble Day, celebrated annually on March 27th, connects the simple act of scribbling with the broader concepts of creativity and inclusivity in art.

Origin and Significance

International Scribble Day was first commemorated in 2019, crystalizing the idea that art is accessible to all, regardless of skill level. It underlines the importance of uninhibited expression through scribbles, which can be a foundational element of artistic development.

Founder’s Inspiration

The founding of International Scribble Day traces back to Diane Alber and her children’s book titled “I’m NOT Just a Scribble.” Alber’s book, published in 2017, promotes the message that art doesn’t have to adhere to certain standards and that anyone can be an artist. This day stands as an encouragement, especially to children, to explore their artistic impulses freely.

Events and Activities

International Scribble Day on March 27th is full of engaging events and activities for people of all ages, celebrating the joy of scribbling. From workshops for aspiring artists to global virtual festivities, the day is marked with creativity.

Workshops and Competitions

Local art centers and schools often host workshops, which are designed to encourage participants to explore their creativity through scribbling. These workshops might be guided by professional artists or educators and could range from creating large mural-style scribbles to more structured artistic challenges. Competitions can add an exciting element to the day, with prizes for the most creative or imaginative scribbles. Participants might find categorizeo their work in various age groups or themes.

Community Scribble Projects

Cities and neighborhoods may come together for community scribble projects, where public spaces become canvases for collective art. These projects encourage individuals to contribute to larger pieces, resulting in a tapestry of scribbles that reflect the diverse creativity of the community. Such initiatives not only beautify the public space but also foster a sense of togetherness and cooperation.

Virtual Celebrations

Given the ease of sharing art online, International Scribble Day has a strong presence on digital platforms. Individual scribblers and communities alike can showcase their art on social media, using hashtags to connect with a global audience. Virtual events might include live-streamed scribble sessions, online galleries of scribble art, or collaborative projects through digital apps, allowing people from around the world to unite in their passion for spontaneous art during the month of March.

Participation and Engagement

International Scribble Day inspires individuals and groups from various sectors to engage in creative expression through scribbling. Aimed at fostering creativity, this day sees active participation from schools, art communities, and even corporate entities.

Schools and Educational Institutions

Schools celebrate International Scribble Day by incorporating fun scribble activities into their curriculum. They may organize:

  • Art contests where students are encouraged to scribble and create their own masterpieces.
  • Interactive workshops that integrate scribbling with learning concepts, enhancing cognitive development.

Art Communities

Art communities often come together to observe International Scribble Day by:

  • Displaying scribble-based art in galleries or public spaces.
  • Hosting live scribble sessions or collaborative art projects that are open to the public.

Corporate Involvement

Companies may participate in International Scribble Day to encourage team-building and creativity among employees by:

  • Setting up scribble boards in common areas for employees to contribute doodles throughout the day.
  • Organizing “scribble breaks” where employees can relax and scribble, facilitating stress relief and mental well-being.

Promotion and Awareness

Recognizing International Scribble Day’s core values of creativity and acceptance, the day’s promotion and awareness hinge on leveraging wide-ranging platforms. These initiatives are designed to inspire participation and reinforce the celebration’s inclusive ethos.

Social Media Campaigns

Social media plays a crucial role in amplifying International Scribble Day. Various platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook feature dedicated hashtags such as #ScribbleDay and #ScribbleWithUs to foster a sense of community. Organizers and participants alike share images of scribbles, encouraging others to post their own creations. Short-form video platforms such as TikTok often host challenges and themed content to engage a younger, digitally savvy audience.

Partnerships and Sponsorships

Engaging with partners and sponsors, International Scribble Day gains additional momentum. Education-based organizations and art supply companies frequently collaborate to provide materials and resources for events. Sponsorship from these entities not only supports the logistics of worldwide celebrations but also ensures a reach to diverse audiences. Partners may include:

  • Local schools and libraries
  • Art studios and workshops
  • Online educational platforms

By forging these alliances, International Scribble Day manages to create a tapestry of support that nurtures the event each year.

Impact on Art and Creativity

International Scribble Day celebrates the joy of creation and the important role that scribbling has in fostering art and individual creativity.

Influence on Modern Art

Scribble art, with its spontaneous and uninhibited lines, has influenced many modern art movements. Abstract expressionists embraced the act of scribbling to convey emotion and introspection without the constraints of representational form. This form of art highlights the process over the finished product, encouraging viewers to engage with the artist’s emotional journey.

Benefits for Individual Creativity

Engaging in scribbling provides tangible benefits for individuals looking to express themselves. Here are some ways it fosters creativity:

  • Increased Imagination: Scribbling allows individuals to freely explore ideas without judgement, which can spark new and unique concepts.
  • Stress Relief: The act of scribbling can serve as a meditative practice, reducing stress and clearing one’s mind for fresh thoughts.
  • Motor Skills: For children, especially, scribbling is a key developmental step that enhances hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, important for later detailed artwork.


When preparing for International Scribble Day, one can take advantage of various resources to enhance the experience. These resources range from instructional guides to help spark creativity to supply lists ensuring participants have everything needed for their scribbling activities.

Guides and Tutorials

  • Online Platforms: Websites like YouTube and Pinterest offer a plethora of tutorials that provide step-by-step instructions on various scribbling techniques and creative exercises.
  • Educational Websites: Many educational sites dedicated to art education feature sections on scribbling, offering guides that cater to different age groups and skill levels.

Supplies and Equipment

  • Paper: A selection of paper, from construction to drawing pads, is essential for different textures and effects.
  • Writing Implements:
    • Pencils: Graphite pencils for light sketching.
    • Crayons: A variety of colors to make vibrant creations.
    • Markers: Broad and fine-tip markers for bold lines and details.
    • Pens: Gel and ink pens for fluid scribbles and doodles.

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