International Students Day

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Students are one of the most important individuals in the world for the simple fact that they are the ones who will eventually graduate, obtaining an incredible amount of knowledge and skills that will be useful for the future society, and that means that they are indisputably one of the most important people in countries around the world because the future relies on most of their participation. In the past, many students around the world suffered from many bad situations due to complicated war times, and to honor their sacrifices and desire for free-speech, International Students Day is a thing, stay tuned to discover more about it.

International Students Day

What is International Students Day?

In simple words, this special day is celebrated in honor of all of the students around the world, and in many countries and cultures, it’s said that is a day for everyone to celebrate because as soon as we graduate from college or university doesn’t necessarily mean that we stop learning, as knowledge is constantly obtained every single day. This special holiday is also in honor of the multiculturalism that exists in students over the world, and to remember to everyone that being a student is not a simple task that doesn’t mean anything, when in reality they count with one of the most important roles in this society, being the faces of the future.

The History of International Students Day:

The history behind this special day is one filled with some of the darkest moments of history due to being in honor of those students who were killed by the Nazis in Czechoslovakia. Czech universities were stormed in 1939 by Nazis due to the students’ will of having their voices heard about anti-nazism and also, to show their regrets of the German’s thoughts of closing all high-level educational facilities in Czechoslovakia, sadly, many lost their lives and the rest (at least 1200 students) were sent to concentration camps. Years later, many students and institutions from countries decided to create this special day to pay tribute to those students who suffered from tortures and were killed for just defending their dignity and speech.

When is International Students Day?

Every November 17 is celebrated the International Students Day, and this celebration is so popular that many cultural groups of schools, colleges, and universities around the world decide to pay their tributes and celebrate in honor of the fallen students and also, cheer for the multiculturism that exists in the modern society of students that is becoming more and more brilliant with every day that passes, and many of them manage to create interesting projects that will prove to be of usefulness in the future when their time to develop this society arrives.

How is International Students Day celebrated?

The way in which this day is celebrated is by making concentrations in the campus of your school, college, or university and showing your social responsibilities and the causes for why you are volunteering, also, it’s a common practice to make competitions among students to forge a better bond and also food and drinks can’t be forgotten. In the case that you are not a student anymore, you can show support and gift something to your children, nephews, or brother/sister who is currently a student in order to motivate them to keep doing their best.

Why we Love International Students Day?

We love it because of how beautiful are the motives of many students around the world to keep studying and doing their best to keep learning every single day of their lives, also, it’s a good way to boost the morale of students who are suffering from their courses, give something to them which can definitely make them feel motivated and ready to keep fighting against any obstacle that can be found in their way.


Everyone should get to know about the existence of days like International Students Day because the celebrations count with a deep and beautiful meaning which in this case is meaningful for millions of students around the world and to pay tributes for those who aren’t among us anymore but who shall never be forgotten.