International Youth Day

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For a society to further progress, it needs the cumulative effort of its people. Those collective efforts and contributions are what help improve the state of society. Everyone has their different ways of helping out. Whether it be small or big, what matters is we acknowledge it and continue to support those actions. The youth are the upcoming generation that will dominate society.

International Youth Day

As much as possible, we should give the youth more opportunities to further improve their knowledge and skills, so when the time comes, we have a set of skilled individuals that are ready to take on any challenges and further develop different aspects of society. 

What is International Youth Day?

International youth day is a day wherein we celebrate and recognize the importance of our youth. To raise awareness and help improve young people’s lives. Many young people are deprived of opportunities and are living in terrible conditions. This day highlight and raises these concerns. It is a time for people to engage in all sorts of activities to help uplift the youth. As the older generation are reaching old age and retiring, it is the youth that will take their place and face the upcoming challenges ahead. This is why it is important to invest in young people’s lives. They are the ones that will continue the legacy left behind. 

The History of International Youth Day

The youth never really had a say when it comes to things that mattered. They were forced to watch on the sidelines, endure whatever they were given, and wait until they got older to participate and contribute to society. The World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth wanted to empower the youth and raise awareness of their importance in society. They wanted to give the youth opportunities to excel in life even at a young age. To raise their concerns and prioritize their well-being. To give the youth a voice and overall improve the quality of their lives. They then recommended this to the United Nations General Assembly, which they then began endorsing and later on resulted in International Youth Day being established. 

When is International Youth Day?

The idea of International Youth Day was first endorsed on December 17, 1999, by the UN General Assembly, and was later on established on August 12, 2000. Ever since then, International Youth Day was celebrated every year of that day and was used to further educate society and address global problems involving the youth. 

International Youth Day Dates

This year International Youth Day is celebrated on Monday, Aug 12, 2024

Year Date Day
2024 Aug 12 Monday
2025 Aug 12 Tuesday
2026 Aug 12 Wednesday
2027 Aug 12 Thursday
2028 Aug 12 Saturday
2029 Aug 12 Sunday

How is International Youth Day Celebrated?

People celebrate International Youth Day in several ways. During this day, different events and activities are organized. People participate in festivals, exhibitions, fairs, sporting events, and parades dedicated to supporting and raising awareness for the lives of the youth. Government agencies and charities listen to the needs and concerns of the youth and provide them with solutions and opportunities to rise. You can also donate to youth organizations yourself to help struggling youths out. You can also celebrate this day by the simple act of assisting them in different activities or programs that they are interested in, or by simply listening to their opinions on different subjects that they are passionate about. As long as you support and inspire them to be better, that is more than enough.

5 Ways To Celebrate International Youth Day 

  1. Celebrate by donating to youth-focused charities or organizations.
  2. Join in on local youth-focused events.
  3. Show your support by wearing a youth-themed outfit or accessory.
  4. Write a letter to your local representatives about the importance of supporting young people.
  5. Share your thoughts and feelings about International Youth Day on social media using the hashtag #YouthDay

Why We Love International Youth Day 

People love International Youth Day because it is a day wherein we are given hope for a better future. When we help out the younger generation, we aren’t just helping them improve their lives, we are helping everyone live in a better world. The more we prioritize the youth, the higher chances of our society to progress toward a brighter future. 

Top 5 Things We Love About International Youth Day 

  1. We love the diversity and the spirit of international cooperation that is celebrated every year on Youth Day.
  2. We love the message of hope and empowerment that Youth Day represents for young people all over the world.
  3. We love the opportunity to share our own experiences and learn from others in a global community.
  4. We love the sense of community that is created by celebrating Youth Day together – it’s a great way to connect with others from around the world!
  5. And of course, we love the delicious food and drink that are always on offer during International Youth Day!


International Youth Day is a very special day. It is a day filled with opportunities to further inspire and motivate younger people to excel in life. The youth deserve to live in a future that is full of positivity. All the love and support we give them today will be worth it. The youth today is the hope of our future.


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