Martin Luther King Jr. Day

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If you are a history scholar or one of those who advocate for civil rights in the United States, then you probably have heard about this Martin Luther King Jr Day. This civil rights leader was honored for the contribution he made towards promoting equality in American society. Racial segregation was rife during this time and this Baptist minister took the bull by the horns in a bid to end segregation.

What Is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day?

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a national day in the United States It is celebrated to honor Baptist minister and civil rights activist and leader Martin Luther King Jr. Following his assassination, people called for a day to be set aside to honor him and his contributions to civil rights movement. The 1960s was a period of great significance to what led to this day. It is the period where the Montgomery bus boycott took place following the incident that involve Rosa Parks. Also, it is the time the bombing of the Baptist church along 16th street. it is these vices against the minority blacks that gave this leade voice. History teaches that his outspokenness towards issues of racial discrimination led to his death. As such, a national holiday to commemorate him would be most ideal. This did happen and the holiday was thus set aside.

When Is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day?

This holiday is commemorated on the third Monday of January. every year. This normally ranges between the 17th and 20th depending on which date the day falls. This year, it will be celebrated on the 17th of January. Originally, the idea was to commemorate it on his birthday but this did not pan out.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Dates

This year Martin Luther King Jr. Day is celebrated on Wednesday, Jan 17, 2024

Year Date Day
2024 Jan 17 Wednesday
2025 Jan 17 Friday
2026 Jan 17 Saturday
2027 Jan 17 Sunday
2028 Jan 17 Monday
2029 Jan 17 Wednesday

How Is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Celebrated?

There are various ways in which this holiday is celebrated. One is through parades as well as marches. These normally involve high-school bands, among other civil rights interest groups In addition to this, civil rights leaders are welcomed to give speeches touching on racial equality. It goes without saying that there is still work that needs to be done about it. Another way that this holiday is celebrated is through social education civil rights. This can be done at the community level. Other people choose to be of service to others and take part in community services, meeting the needs of the vulnerable in their communities. These acts of service are commonly termed MLK Day of Service. In addition to these, some people hold vigils as a memorial to commemorate the holiday.


All in all, Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a historic day particularly for the black community in the United States. The achievements of MLK Jr are appreciated to this day. To most, Martin Luther King Jr was a hero even to those who did not firsthand experience his presence but was impacted by the events and changes that followed.

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