Microwave Oven Day

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Up to this day, who doesn’t know what a microwave oven is? These wonderful appliances have managed to save millions of lives by making the process of heating left-overs, melting chocolate or butter for baking recipes, melting water, and even defrosting things that were supposed to be left out of the freezer a much easier and simple one without injuring or harming anything or anyone. This appliance is one of the students’ and professionals’ best friends as it can unpack tons of powerful features that are life-saving, but did you know that they count with their unique special day?

Microwave Oven Day

What is Microwave Oven Day?

In simple words, is a special day in which microwave ovens are paid tribute in honor of their unique functionalities and for saving tons of hours in the kitchen when things were getting out of control. Thanks to their existence, is easier to live on a schedule and even in a hurry because if you need fast results, most modern microwaves come with even more powerful options! And let’s not forget about the fact that microwave ovens are capable of consuming at least 80% less energy than traditional ovens, making them a more coherent choice for simpler tasks that don’t require the energy output of ovens.

The History of Microwave Oven Day

Microwave Oven Day counts with a unique story since it tells the struggles of Percy Spencer on his journey of creating the wonderful device that we call the microwave oven, a history which started in complicated failures but thanks to the aid of the workers of Raytheon (Spencer’s workspace) managed to launch their own prototype in 1945, but the first-ever model was presented in 1947, called the Radarange. This was the beginning of a history filled with changes in models, acquisition, theories, and price cuts in the commercial model as they were too expensive at first, to the point that in the 1980s the popularity started to rise, but it wasn’t until 1997 that at least 80% of American properties had a microwave oven.

When is Microwave Oven Day?

Every 6th of December the Microwave Oven Day is celebrated with the main purpose of remembering everyone that microwave ovens are easily one of the most influential kitchen appliances in the history of humankind and that everyone who doesn’t have one in their home should consider investing in them when this special day arrives.

How is Microwave Oven Day Celebrated?

This day is simple to celebrate in the case that you still don’t count with a microwave oven, because the best possible celebration could be buying your first microwave oven or just upgrading your older model! Let’s not forget that there will be some deals in popular retailers. Also, you can just cook recipes that require the usage of a microwave, you can make some mug cakes, cookies or just melt some chocolate to use it in your traditional recipes, it’s just as easy as that! And the best thing about it? The fact that you learn new cool recipes that you can perform any other day without too many hustles.

Why we Love Microwave Oven Day?

The reason why we love microwave oven day is because is the perfect excuse to test our creativity by making brand new recipes and discovering new fun and interesting combinations of materials that can end up becoming a great dessert to spend the day without worrying about anything else, also, it’s good if you were planning to change your microwave oven for a newer model.


This special day should be something that everyone celebrates as you will discover some new ways of using your microwave oven other than the traditional usages and also, you can end up discovering magnificent recipes that will make you interested in finding and investigating more of them to be able to make more practical use of your reliable appliance.