National Authors Day

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National Authors Day is celebrated annually in honor of literary achievements. It is an opportunity to appreciate the contributions that authors have made and to honor the people who have helped shape our world. The three major goals of National Authors Day are to celebrate authors, increase public awareness about literature, and promote literature in our communities.

National Authors Day

What is National Authors Day?

National Authors Day is a day to honor all authors. It is also a day to learn about the contributions of writers, artists, scientists and others in our societies. It is a day to recognize the author’s positive impact on our culture and to encourage people to read (and write!) about their favorite authors.

Celebrations of National Authors Day are made by writers, artists, librarians, booksellers as well as teachers and students. In many communities, schools write essays and poems to show how authors have influenced society over time. It is also a good idea to tell your family members, friends and neighbours what it means to celebrate National Authors Day.

The History of National Authors Day

National Authors Day was created in 2000 by the National Conference of State Legislatures and the O’Leary Center for Writing & Literature at Texas State University-San Marcos. The idea for the holiday was born out of a legislative session called to discuss the importance of literature. According to the National Day Calendar ( author, Bill O’Neal was instrumental in getting National Authors Day legislation passed in Texas in 2000.

When is National Authors Day?

National Authors Day is celebrated every year on October 13th. That day honors a very famous author, Miguel de Cervantes, who was born on that day in 1547. Many other celebratory events take place on October 13th to celebrate authors and books, including the many book festivals being held across the United States and around the world.

How is National Authors Day Celebrated?

Books play a very important role in our lives and have been an essential part of our development. The biggest reason to celebrate National Authors Day is to recognize the positive impact authors have on society.

National Authors Day celebrations can be large or small. Some people celebrate by reading their favorite author, writing about them and discussing their contributions to the world.

People can use National Authors Day as a chance to thank authors for what they have done. The O’Leary Center for Reading and Writing has a list of rules for choosing the right authors to thank. After choosing the best author to recognize, people can then buy or borrow their favorite author’s books and spend the day reading or writing about them.

Other celebratory events include visiting a library, bookstore or writing center to learn more about authors. People can also watch movies, television programs or plays that include authors as characters.

Why We Love National Authors Day?

National Authors Day is a day to celebrate the amazing role that writers have had in shaping our world. This holiday is a chance for people everywhere to appreciate what authors have done for them and for their community.


National Authors Day is a day to celebrate writers and authors. Bookstores, schools and libraries will have celebrations to mark the day, with many authors making appearances. National Authors Day is a great way to motivate people to read or write about famous authors.


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