National Backward Day

Holidays are pretty important in today’s world. Most are dedicated to celebrating a remarkable thing. The National Backwards day is a special day that allows people to do things backward. You can find people wearing outfits backward or simply talking and writing backward during this day. If you are unsure how to celebrate this day, this article is a comprehensive guide.

What is National Backward Day?

The National Backward Day is celebrated on 31st January. The day is an opportunity for you to reverse your ways or direction. It is a special day to scrutinize your actions and determine how to switch them to make them effective and fun.

During this day, the world is turned upside down. It encourages people to do things differently and try out new living styles. Switch from your routine and adopt a new way of doing things on this particular day. Remember that there is no age limit to engage in the National Backward Day, and everyone can get involved. For instance, you can wear your pajamas during the day and wear your regular clothes at night.

The day was created by Megan Emily Scot and Sarah Nicole Miller while on their farm. The two women came up with the original idea and created it in 1961. Over the years, people have adopted the day. Most schools celebrate this day by allowing their students to wear their uniforms inside or wear shoes on the opposite feet.

When is National Backward Day?

The National Backwards day is celebrated on 31st January of each year. People change their way of doing things and break from their everyday routines during this day. This day is quite famous for the school-aged kids who participate in all the backward fun. Everyone can celebrate this day as it is not confined to a specific religion, age group, or gender.

How to Celebrate National Backward Day?

There are different methods you can incorporate to celebrate this unforgettable day, and they include:

1. Read Reversible Poems or Share them with Friends.

Reversible poems are great wordplay for enthusiasts. These works can be read from top to bottom or bottom to top. The fun part is the meaning changes once the reverse reading is done. The opposite opinions that these literary works display are intriguing. It can enlighten your mind on how to view certain things.

2. Learn About the History of the Holiday.

Did you know how National Backwards Day is conceptualized? It was inside a humble farm. A very peculiar way to create a holiday. Two brilliant women came up with the idea while milking cows. The name of these awesome ladies is Sarah Nicole Miller and Megan Emily Scott. They came up with the holiday rules on January 29, 1961. Then they spread the idea to their community. People loved the idea and supported it with open arms. January 31st became the chosen official date to celebrate. It was not changed ever since.

3. Create Videos that show things moving in Reverse.

National Backwards Day is popular with young people too. If you check out YouTube videos, there are productions about this. It shows how things will look if everything is done in reverse. Imagine a world where biking, skateboarding, walking, and dancing. It is awkward at first glance. But familiar at the same time, right?

Here is a sample media piece from the University of Portland:

4. Wear your Clothes with Reversed Text:

National Backwards Day is commemorated by many. To this extent, there are clothing designs dedicated to it. Wear shirts that display words in reverse. It is a playful and fun way to give tribute to this occasion. Gift them also to family, friends, officemates, or even your boss.

5. Wear Clothes in Reverse

When you were young, wearing clothes in reverse by mistake is laughed upon. But thanks to National Backwards Day there is a good excuse for this.

Wear your shorts, pants, socks, or shirts in inverse. You can even do it also for shades and eyeglasses. Do a funny photo session with family and friends. You can share it on social media or privately. It will surely be a moment to make wonderful memories. Here are some ideas you can consider:

For kids because its a thing to do at school:

Kids wearing clothes backwards

For adults, because wearing clothes reversibly is fashionably correct.

Backward fashion

6. Switch your Meals

One of the best ways to celebrate the day is switching your meals. For instance, you can have lunch for breakfast and breakfast for lunch. It is an ideal way to change your routine and experience something new.

7. Craft a Reverse Poem

Another challenge you can consider during this day is writing a reverse poem. You can write a poem from bottom to top and read it to others.

8. Write your Name Backwards

Another way is to write your name backward throughout the day. You can also write sentences backward, read books backward or watch your favorite movie backward. The day’s goal is to switch from the routine and do things differently.

Maby you can find your name in our list of backward words or list of palindromes.

9. Change the Meaning of Everything

You can also change the meaning of different things. For instance, you can say good morning at night instead of good night.

10. Talk Backwards Challenges

On Youtube and other social medias you can find a ton of fun Talk Backwards Challenges:


The National Backwards day is fun, and everyone is encouraged to participate. It is a day to break from the norm and approach all things from a different angle. Ensure you enjoy the day with your family and friends.

If you need help spelling a word or sentence backwards you can always check out our backward text generator tool to reverse text.