National Christmas Lights Day

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What better way to celebrate National Christmas Lights Day than by enjoying some holiday cheer with friends and family? 

The tradition of lighting the Christmas tree dates back centuries. From the beginning, families used to place lit Christmas tree decorations in their Christmas trees.

Christmas Lights Day

The Christmas Lights celebration really got going when Thomas Edison invented electric Christmas tree lighting in 1822 and GM started mass production in 1903.

Since then, billions of people across the globe have watched the colorful displays along their streets, towns, and citys.

What is National Christmas Lights Day?

No matter which type of holiday lights people choose, most people agree the sight of them brings another level of enjoyment to the winter holiday season. National Christmas Lights Day is a holiday to universally acknowledge the significance of their beauty.

The History of Christmas Lights

Christmas lights were invented in 1822 by Thomas Edison, who placed 80 incandescent bulbs inside the boughs his Christmas tree. In 1879, he invented a longer string of lights and placed them around the outside of his workshop in Menlo Park, N.J. Before electric lights were invented, families used to put lit candles on the ends of their Christmas tree branches.

It wasn’t until 1903, when General Electric began to produce sets of pre-arranged Christmas lights, that the general public began to use them in significant numbers.

In 1997, environmentally-friendly LED lights began to capture a large share of the market.

When is National Christmas Lights Day?

This holiday is celebrated every year on December 1. Since Christmas is in the month of December, people often turn their thoughts to Christmas decorations and december 1 is a perfect day to turn our thoughts to Christmas lights.

National Christmas Lights Day Dates

This year National Christmas Lights Day is celebrated on Sunday, Dec 01, 2024

Year Date Day
2024 Dec 01 Sunday
2025 Dec 01 Monday
2026 Dec 01 Tuesday
2027 Dec 01 Wednesday
2028 Dec 01 Friday
2029 Dec 01 Saturday

How is National Christmas Lights Day Celebrated?

There are many ways to celebrate this holiday, but we suggest these ideas:

Take a Christmas Light Walk

bundle up and walk with family to enjoy lights or drive through neighborhoods. One of my own favorite things to do is to drive down a street near our local lake and to watch the lights reflect in the water.

Join With Neighbors

All the neighbors on the block can get together and either have the same theme, color or design or they can tell a story at each house. This is a great way to have fun with neighbors

Set Your Lights to Music

If you have the technology, why not take your light display to the next level and let Santa rock around the Christmas tree? If you prefer a faith-based display, you could play hymns to go with an illuminated manger scene?

Why We Love National Christmas Lights Day

Christmas Lights Are Beautiful

Winter skies are dark, and the blinking colorful displays of Christmas lights are a lovely reminder of what time of year it is. You can be transported back to your childhood; when you believed in magic and life was less hectic.

They Give Out Warmth

Although they’re not as warm as a blazing fire, Christmas lights do emit a bit of heat. But most importantly they warm our hearts. When the weather is cold, having these lights in your living room can help you feel a bit warmer.

They Make Us Happy

Seeing the cheerful colors and lights of the Christmas season can often bring a smile just by their presence. This is especially true for people who are far from the people they love.

Christmas Lights Are A Symbol Of Peace

Christmas is a time of peace. The holiday is celebrated by people of all faiths, and the traditional symbols of peace – such as the halo, the star and the dove – are all associated with Christmas. Christmas lights are a reminder that no matter what our differences may be, we can all come together to celebrate the season.

When You See Christmas Lights, You Know It’s Christmas

Seeing Christmas lights can be a truly special experience.  They always remind us that Christmas is just around the corner, and we can’t wait to celebrate with our loved ones.

National Christmas Lights Day FAQs

What Is National Christmas Lights Day?

On December 1, every year, we take a day to commemorate and celebrate the joy and beauty of Christmas lights.

Who invented Christmas Lights?

Thomas Edison first used Christmas lights in his home in 1822; and then used them outside his laboratory in 1879.

How to Celebrate the Day?

Go outside and look at some lights with family or friends: Christmas lights are a joy to witness, no matter where you are. Take some time to savor the beauty and peace of Christmas lights.

Set your lights to music:  Some people enjoy turning on their lights while listening to holiday music.

Share a picture of your lights: Posting a picture of your Christmas lights on social media is a fun way to show off your decorations and join in the fun of National Christmas Lights Day.

Coordinate designs with your neighbors:  Join forces with your neighbors to create a festive Christmas display.

Attend Christmas events:   There are many events happening around the country on December 1 that are sure to be exciting and festive.

Remember to be grateful for all the good things in your life: Christmas is a time to be happy and celebrate all the wonderful things in life – from family and friends, to beautiful seasons and memories.


There are many holiday traditions, and many ways to celebrate Christmas. On December 1, we can all take a moment and celebrate the joy these little lights bring to our souls.


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