National Cookie Day

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Who doesn’t like cookies? They are so unique to the point that there are hundreds of possible combinations and types of cookies that you won’t even have a problem on finding one of your taste, and even better, they are (in most cases) easy to bake, and do make excuses like ‘I have not baked anything before’ because cookies are an excellent choice for beginners in the kitchen.

National Cookie Day

There is no denying their popularity, however, did you know that there is a special day on which we celebrate National Cookie Day? Maybe not! That’s why you should check the next article.

What is National Cookie Day?

National Cookie Day is a special date for cookie lovers around the world because is the best day ever to enjoy these wonderful creations while paying tribute to them in the best possible way: by making tons of them and giving them away to your closest friends and family members! Or maybe just to eat all of them by yourself which is always a nice idea (please don’t eat them in excess).

However, the beauty of this special day is the fact that you get to learn all types of wonderful cookie recipes that are shared in commemoration of this day!

The history of National Cookie Day

Cookies have been enjoyed for a long time in human history, however, the brilliant idea of creating their own national day didn’t come until 1976 and it was first aired on Sesame’s Street Calendar! (There is no way that you don’t know what Sesame Street is, in case you don’t know search it! You won’t be disappointed) and the main reason why this was done is because one of the most favorite characters, the Cookie Monster, loved cookies above anything else.

But a more serious approach was taken in 1987, when Matt Nader, one of the founders of the Blue Chip Company stated that National Cookie Day was established and to be celebrated on a certain date.

When is National Cookie Day?

This special day is celebrated on the 4th of December every single year without fault, and as Matt Nader stated: ‘It’s kind of Secretary’s Day, it will just be a fun thing to do!’ And he was right! Due to the date and month in which this day is celebrated, you can expect to find this day very appealing and like an extra excuse to get yourself some cookies and pay some tribute to such majestic creation.

National Cookie Day Dates

This year National Cookie Day is celebrated on Monday, Dec 04, 2023

Year Date Day
2023 Dec 04 Monday
2024 Dec 04 Wednesday
2025 Dec 04 Thursday
2026 Dec 04 Friday
2027 Dec 04 Saturday
2028 Dec 04 Monday

How is National Cookie Day Celebrated?

In simple words, this day is celebrated by just baking or getting yourself some cookies and enjoying them while you can! So you can expect this day to be filled with tons of sweet things to eat and have around your home, however, you don’t have to be that greedy, as you can easily follow tradition and gift some cookies to your closest friends, family members or co-workers, yes, in that way you will make them celebrate cookie day every single year, which will possibly mean more cookies to share and also more recipes to copy and test to find even more appealing flavors and combinations on your cookies.

Why we Love National Cookie Day?

We love it because is the perfect excuse to share some good and close moments with people that are important to you, and also, is a good date to just kind of pay with some unique combinations in your cookies, which means that you will be able to find more appealing candidates for your soft spot of the best cookie that you have ever tasted.


National Cookie Day started as a plain joke but evolved into something more serious that has managed to create and develop a marvelous passion in tons of people around the world who are preparing themselves for the next 4th of December in order to prepare even better cookies than the last occasion, truly a unique experience that you should try at least once.


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