National Cookie Exchange Day

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Every year, National Cookie Exchange Day celebrates the spirit of generosity and camaraderie that comes with the act of exchanging cookies. This special day, founded by Jace Shomemaker-Galloway, is an opportunity for people from all around the world to come together and share the warmth of baked goods. From homemade treats to store-bought favorites, these cookies remind us that something as simple as a sweet treat can bring joy and happiness to those around us.

National Cookie Exchange Day

Key Takeaways

National Cookie Exchange Day aims to promote the pastry-baking industry by exchanging baked goods annually on December 22.

What is National Cookie Exchange Day?

National Cookie Exchange Day is an event where baking enthusiasts exchange pastries. It is a time when various cookie flavors will be circulating. There are also new cookie recipes that will pop up. Sharing of different recipes and methods also exchanged.

The History of National Cookie Exchange Day

National Cookie Exchange Day is an idea of Jace Shomemaker-Galloway. The date chosen is December 22. The celebration of this holiday is throughout the United States.

During this day, exchanging favorite flavors like chocolate chip, butter, dried fruits, and others is popular. It is a fun and filling celebration for all sweet lovers.

When is National Cookie Exchange Day?

National Cookie Exchange Day is on every December 20 of every year.

National Cookie Exchange Day Dates

This year National Cookie Exchange Day is celebrated on Friday, Dec 20, 2024

Year Date Day
2024 Dec 20 Friday
2025 Dec 20 Saturday
2026 Dec 20 Sunday
2027 Dec 20 Monday
2028 Dec 20 Wednesday
2029 Dec 20 Thursday

How is National Cookie Exchange Day Celebrated?

National Cookie Exchange Day is observed by sharing pastries between family, friends, and colleagues. You can start by baking your favorite flavors. Another way is, based on the person you know, create a cookie exclusive for them.

It is also a time to support your favorite bakery. Purchase the products they make and exchange them with people you know. You can also organize a cookie party. Attendees can bring their creations for sharing.

Why We Love National Cookie Exchange Day:

National Cookie Exchange Day is loved because it is a holiday that supports creativity, generosity, and friendships. People feel happy whenever they receive gifts. It is an opportunity to promote positivity through the gesture of sharing.

National Cookie Exchange Day FAQs:

1. What flavors are popular during National Cookie Exchange Day?

The most popular cookie flavor during National Cookie Exchange Day is chocolate chip. Some even decorate it with candy sprinkles, whip cream, or ice cream.

2. What beverages on National Cookie Exchange Day are appropriate?

During a cookie party, drinks like tea, coffee, or hot chocolate are popular. Add in some fancy teapots and cute teacups to create a chic atmosphere.

3. When were cookies first exchanged?

Historically, since the Middle Ages, people have been exchanging cookies. This sweet gesture has come a long way indeed.

4. Is there any easy way to bake cookies?

Busy people can use ready-made cookie dough bake. There are a lot of options in the local grocery store.


National Cookie Exchange Day is a fun holiday filled with thoughtfulness and generosity. It is celebrated throughout the United States and promotes interaction between people from all walks of life. It is an opportunity to polish baking skills and receive honest critiques from receivers. Expect a lot of good memories to be formed that you can value for a lifetime.


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