National Flag Day

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National Flag Day is an annual event celebrated on June 14th. It was originally established as a way to honor our country’s flag and its importance. Today, National Flag Day is also a day to celebrate our country, its people, and the values that make it great.

National Flag Day

What is National Flag Day?

As is tradition, the United States, each year, dedicates a day to remember and celebrate the history of its flag. Through this celebration all Americans commemorate the creation of their own symbol, their flag.
This special day is June 14. Although this day is not a holiday in many places in the United States, the patriotic feeling is present in each of the Americans throughout the day. In addition, the entire week is “the Week of the Flag”
The United States flag is considered a symbol of loyalty and love for both the country and its history. During these days, the President invites all citizens to raise their flags at home. These days are filled with red, blue and white colors everywhere.

The History of National Flag Day

If we want to know the origin of the United States flag, we have to go back to the year 1777. The flag was sewn and created by a seamstress from Philadelphia, who was commissioned by George Washington to do this work. The main idea about the design of the flag was to represent all the states of the country united as if they were a new constellation.

When is National Flag Day?

National Flag Day takes place every June 14, which along with July 4 (independence day and the country’s birthday) are the most important dates for Americans. This very special day, June 14, all the flags of the United States fly, in government buildings, public buildings and in the homes of all citizens.

National Flag Day Dates

This year National Flag Day is celebrated on Friday, Jun 14, 2024

Year Date Day
2024 Jun 14 Friday
2025 Jun 14 Saturday
2026 Jun 14 Sunday
2027 Jun 14 Monday
2028 Jun 14 Wednesday
2029 Jun 14 Thursday

How is National Flag Day Celebrated?

This celebration takes place in the city of Philadelphia. In addition, the whole town is filled with free activities for all those who want to participate and remember such an emotional day in a memorable way. The events that are celebrated on this important day are patriotic parades, flag raising and even skydiving performances.

Perhaps the most common and well-known of his tributes to the flag is to recite the words of allegiance while looking at the insignia and with the hand over the heart.

Special events are also held at places like the Betsy Ross House, Christ Church Cemetery and independence Hall.

5 Ways To Celebrate National Flag Day

  1. Fly the flag at your home or place of work.
  2. Attend a flag ceremony or service.
  3. Read and learn about American history and patriotism through activities like flag making, collecting and painting.
  4. Go to a patriotic parade or festival.
  5. Wear patriotic clothing to show your support for your country.

Why We Love National Flag Day

This national celebration is loved by each of the citizens, since the flag itself represents FREEDOM. In addition to all the activities that are carried out, Americans are proud to be able to celebrate together values such as loyalty, strength and unity as a country. And with the right hand over the heart, they recite these values all together.

Top 5 Things We Love About National Flag Day

  1. Sharing patriotism and pride with family and friends: Flag Day is a great opportunity to share your love of the United States with those you care about most. It’s also a great opportunity to teach your children about American values and what it means to be an American.
  2. Celebrating our nation’s history: Flag Day is a day to learn more about our country’s history and how we got where we are today. From flag raising ceremonies and events, to finding out more about America in school, Flag Day is a great way to celebrate everything American!
  3. Feeling united as one nation under one flag: On Flag Day, we feel united as one nation under one flag!
  4. Honoring our veterans and service members: Of course, Flag Day wouldn’t be complete without honoring our veterans and service members who have sacrificied so much for us. There are many events and activities happening across the country that honor our troops – from parades to speeches – so make sure to check them all out!
  5. Reminding ourselves of what it means to be an American: As we come together on Flag Day, it’s important that we remember what it means to be an American – no matter where we are in the world!


National Flag Day is an important day to celebrate our country and its history. It is a day to remember the sacrifices that have been made for our freedom, and to reflect on the values that the flag represents.


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