National Good Neighbor Day

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How well do you know your neighbors? For most of us, unfortunately we don’t know our neighbors names, let alone anything about them. Once upon a time we all lived in tight-knit communities in which your neighbors formed a large part of your daily life and social circle. However now, we are constantly rushing from one place to the next and fail to make time for the people living around us.

National Good Neighbor Day

National Good Neighbor Day is the nudge we need to strike up a conversation over the fence to begin to build a friendly and supportive local community.

What is National Good Neighbor Day?

Yes- National Good Neighbor Day is exactly what you think. In our calendar each year we have a day dedicated to growing connections with our neighbors. In recent years, many of us have been increasingly isolated and this loneliness can lead to a wealth of mental health problems. National Good Neighbor day encourages us to from relationships to those living right by us and to build communities. Not only could you then have some life-long friendships, but you could soon have a support-network right on your doorstep.

The History of National Good Neighbor Day

Good Neighbor Day was brought to life by Becky Mattson, Montana, who recognized the importance of building connections with her neighbors. Her campaigning paid off and it was made an official holiday in 1978 by President Jimmy Carter, who hoped it would bring people together and encourage consideration for others.

When is National Good Neighbor Day?

When declared a holiday in 1978, Good Neighbor Day was set to be celebrated on September 24. However in 2004 the date was shifted and we now celebrate Good Neighbor Day on September 28 each year. This year it will fall on a Wednesday- perfect for a mid-week get together!

National Good Neighbor Day Dates

This year National Good Neighbor Day is celebrated on Saturday, Sep 28, 2024

Year Date Day
2024 Sep 28 Saturday
2025 Sep 28 Sunday
2026 Sep 28 Monday
2027 Sep 28 Tuesday
2028 Sep 28 Thursday
2029 Sep 28 Friday

How is National Good Neighbor Day celebrated?

National Good Neighbor day was established as Senate believed there was a lack of meaningful connections being built within communities which needed to be addressed. National Good Neighbor Day encourages us to break the ice and arrange to participate in activities with our neighbors. Many use this opportunity to perform an act of kindness for their neighbor by dropping round some baked goods, home grown produce or a bouquet of flowers – all of which show that you care. Some use this day to organize a community clean-up or build, bringing neighbors working together towards the same goal.

5 Ways To Celebrate National Good Neighbor Day

  1. Give a gift to a neighbor.
  2. Host a barbecue with your neighbors.
  3. Do something nice for your neighbor without asking them.
  4. Make a donation to your neighbor’s favorite charity.
  5. Plant a garden with your neighbor

Why we love National Good Neighbor Day

National Good Neighbor Day can completely transform our feelings towards where we live and the people around us. It feels great to be part of a friendly community who are working towards shared goals and is reassuring to know that we have people nearby to help us in an emergency.

Top 5 Things We Love About National Good Neighbor Day

  1. The spirit of neighborliness is alive and well in America.
  2. National Good Neighbor Day allows us to celebrate our relationships with our neighbors and to learn from them.
  3. National Good Neighbor Day is a day to come together and work towards improving our communities.
  4. National Good Neighbor Day is a day to show appreciation for the good deeds of our neighbors, and to make sure that we continue to do good things for our communities year-round.
  5. National Good Neighbor Day is a day to recommit ourselves to living ethically and compassionately in our communities, and to working together towards a better


By making an effort to become a ‘good neighbor’ you can help others and give your own wellbeing a boost. Humans are social beings and thrive from feeling as though we are part of something bigger. The people around us have a heavy influence on how we feel about where we live and National Good Neighbor Day is a great time to start building your positive community.


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