National Handshake Day

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Miryam Roddy is credited with creating the National Handshake Day as a way to remind people to be professional on the job. It has been said that a handshake can make or break a relationship. A good handshake is not just about strength, it’s also about letting go of personal space and building trust. Handshakes are also an important way to show appreciation for someone.

National Handshake Day

So on this National Handshake Day, be sure to give a good handshake to your colleagues and friends!

What Is National Handshake Day?

National Handshake Day is commemorated by office workers around the world. People are encouraged to shake hands and show professionalism. Bonding between office workers can make the event much more important and encourage more work output in time.

The History Of National Handshake Day

The idea got a start in 2005 and has since taken off and is now celebrated all around the world. It is a day to show professionalism and work together as one unit. It is important to remember the importance of handshakes in the modern office setting.

When is National Handshake Day?

June 30th is the day in 2022, though it does rotate. It is actually the last Thursday of the month of June. National Handshake Day is celebrated that way because it is so memorable. The people really back that kind of concept at their work place. The leaders are proud to see it advance.

National Handshake Day Dates

This year National Handshake Day is celebrated on Thursday, Jun 27, 2024

Year Date Day
2024 Jun 27 Thursday
2025 Jun 26 Thursday
2026 Jun 25 Thursday
2027 Jun 24 Thursday
2028 Jun 29 Thursday
2029 Jun 28 Thursday

How Is National Handshake Day Celebrated?

The celebrations can vary a bit, but people want to move ahead with it. The office can hold a meeting to discuss future endeavors. The day is already bringing together the coworkers for a greater deal of celebration. The National Handshake Day is a resounding success among the people. The workers can do their part by just cooperating with each other. The celebration is renowned and other offices are working on it too.

3 Ways To Celebrate National Handshake Day

  1. Get a hand-shake from everyone you know.
  2. Send a virtual hand-shake to everyone you know.
  3. Write about National Handshake Day on your blog or social media account.

Why We Love National Handshake Day

National Handshake Day day is special and carries some deeper meaning to it. It is rare to see offices think ahead in that manner. The office knows what they are doing when the event happens. It also keeps together the legacy of Miryam Roddy. That was a great idea and does deserve some respect too.

Top 3 Things We Love About National Handshake Day

  1. The community spirit that comes with National Handshake Day: coming together to celebrate makes us feel good. We feel special and appreciated – Even tough we all come from different parts of the world, on National Handshake Day, we are all one.
  2. The hand-shake itself: it is a simple gesture that communicates a lot. It is a symbol of connection and trust.
  1. The idea behind National Handshake Day: it is a reminder that we all need to work together to achieve success.


In sum, the National Handshake Day is  a great way to connect with friends and family, feel appreciated, and remember the importance of teamwork.


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