National Hat Day

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National Hat Day is dedicated to honoring the various kinds and varieties of hats. On this Day, everyone is encouraged to wear their favorite hat, whether comfy, stylish, or unique. For hundreds of years, people have worn hats to protect themselves from the weather or to indicate their social position. Hats are being worn for similar reasons today. Whatever the cause, today is National Hat Day, and all hats are recognized.

Celebrate National Hat Day on Jan 15!

National Hat Day is a terrific day to flaunt the best in headgear, whether it’s to shield the head from the cold or the heat of the Day, or just to show who a person is to the world.

It’s also an excellent opportunity to study the history of hats and come up with new ways to celebrate!

What is National Hat Day?

Every year on January 15th, the United States celebrates National Hat Day. A hat is a head covering that is worn as a fashion accessory. During the past century, wearing a hat was regarded as a symbol of social rank. Hats are still worn for fashion in the present period. It comes in various forms, sizes, colors, & styles. The cause for this might vary over time. Hats, on the other hand, will never go out of style. For this stylish ensemble, nothing beats marking a day on the calendar. National Hat Day honors all hats, regardless of how they are worn.

The National Hat Day’s history and inception is not so well-known. There is no information on the year this Day was first observed. The headwear’s history, tradition, and origin, on the other hand, trace back several centuries and have been dated back to 3000 B.C., according to historical documents.

When is National Hat Day?

Wearing any sort you like makes a statement, and some individuals opt to wear numerous varieties throughout the Day. It has been documented that the Day has been observed since at least 1983. It was once observed on the 3rd Friday of January, but about 2003, it was moved to January 15th.

National Hat Day Dates

This year National Hat Day is celebrated on Monday, Jan 15, 2024

Year Date Day
2024 Jan 15 Monday
2025 Jan 15 Wednesday
2026 Jan 15 Thursday
2027 Jan 15 Friday
2028 Jan 15 Saturday
2029 Jan 15 Monday

How is National Hat Day Celebrated?

It’s not difficult to get into the spirit of International Hat Day! It’s a quirky and exciting day to celebrate & enjoy. There are, however, many more ways to honor the Day than simply donning a hat. Try out some of the following suggestions:

Find Out More About Hats

Share amusing facts and snippets of knowledge about National Hat Day with your friends, family, and coworkers. Try them on for size, or come up with some more exciting hat trivia to share on the Day:

Chefs’ toques (tall white hats with 100 pleats) are supposed to have 100 pleats. This number is meant to symbolize the number of different methods to cook an egg.

Have you ever wondered why London’s black cabs are so tall? It’s not only because it looked cool or because it was required for engineering reasons.

John Duns Scots invented the tall and pointed Dunce hat. Their goal was to be the polar opposite of how they will be nowadays recognized.


The commemorations have traditionally been held in schools, museums, & libraries to honor the historical significance of headwear. People wore their favorite hats or caps linked with their occupation to the early celebrations. People have already been wearing hats to demonstrate their gratitude for this fashion sense, and the celebration has maintained in this manner ever since.


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