National Limerick Day

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National Limerick Day is a day to celebrate the art of nonsense verse. Limericks have been around for centuries and have been popularized by writers such as Edward Lear, Rudyard Kipling, and Beverly Cleary. Limricks are often humorous or satirical in nature. They can be written about anything from politics to sports to love. The limerick has become an important part of our culture because it allows us to express ourselves through rhyme without having to worry too much about grammar. So read more to learn all about how to celebrate this special holiday!

limerick day

What is National Limerick Day?

National limerick day honors one of America’s most beloved forms of poetry, writers and poets. It was Edward Lear who was to popularise the Limerick in his A Book of Nonsense, published 1846. His limericks were popular at the time and this form of nonsense literature has maintained its popularity to this day.

When is National Limerick Day?

National Limerick Day is celebrated on 12th May to commemorate the birthday of the writer Edward Lear, who is renowned for his writings on nonsense and poetry.

How is National Limerick Day Celebrated?

The celebration takes place all over the world with competitions being held in schools, colleges and libraries. You might also find it fun to learn more about modern short stories and limericks in general to commemorate this monumental day.

Why We Love National Limerick Day

The best thing about National Limerick Day is that you can celebrate your love for limericks by writing a few yourself or even reading some great ones online. It’s an opportunity to get creative and have some fun while learning something new at the same time.