National Look-Alike Day

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Holidays were created to celebrate various aspects of life. Some celebrations are vert original and worth experiencing because they make us spend pleasant moments. National Look Alike Day is a perfect opportunity to celebrate our physical resemblance to another person. That coincidence can occur with a celebrity or any other person.

National Look Alike Day

The key is to celebrate the fun coincidences that fate throws at us and let ourselves be carried away by the surprises that life has in store for us. The best thing to do is to keep an open mind, as our “twin” could be anywhere in the world.

What is National Look-Alike Day?

National Look Alike Day is a celebration that celebrates physical resemblance to another person. That individual you resemble may be a celebrity or an ordinary person. The goal of this special date is to celebrate the unusual coincidences that fate has in store for us. Keep in mind that two incredibly similar people can be relatives, friends, neighbors, co-workers or two individuals who are complete strangers to each other. This celebration is an opportunity to have a good time and get to know the person who looks like you. We may discover someone compatible with us and gain a friend.

The History of National Look-Alike Day

National Look Alike Day story originated in the 1980s and was created by a coincidence. Jack Etzel, a television journalist, suddenly came across a man who looked just like the late Humphrey Bogart. Etzel interviewed that man and the next day he presented it on a newscast. That day was proclaimed National Look Alike Day.

When is National Look-Alike Day?

The National Look Alike Day is celebrated on April 20th of each year. If you know a person who is similar to you physically, you should schedule this date. Get to know that person before April 20th so that together you organize a party and celebrate such a pleasant coincidence.

National Look-Alike Day Dates

This year National Look-Alike Day is celebrated on Saturday, Apr 20, 2024

Year Date Day
2024 Apr 20 Saturday
2025 Apr 20 Sunday
2026 Apr 20 Monday
2027 Apr 20 Tuesday
2028 Apr 20 Thursday
2029 Apr 20 Friday

How is National Look-Alike Day Celebrated?

National Look Alike Day is celebrated by meeting in person with the person you look like. You both take pictures together and post them on different social networks. However, you can also celebrate it without the need to physically meet somewhere. In that case, you simply post photos of yourselves and compare yourselves to each other for a bit of fun. You can both invite your friends to be surprised and comment on this fabulous coincidence of fate. If you meet someone incredibly similar to you you should be happy about it, as this kind of matches are rare.

Why We Love National Look-Alike Day

We love National Look Alike Day because we feel chosen by destiny to enjoy a fun coincidence. Thanks to this celebration we can also meet a new friend, regardless of the physical resemblance we have. The key is to live this situation with humor and share our joy with others.


The National Look Alike Day is a very funny celebration that invites us to be surprised about the coincidences of destiny. The fact of meeting a person exactly like us physically generates intrigue. It is also a good opportunity to cultivate an healthy friendship that extends and deepens over time.


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