National Origami Day

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Origami is the art of folding paper into attractive sculptures, and is often associated with Japanese culture. The aim of the practice of origami is to use folding techniques and sculpting techniques, to transform a flat piece of paper into an attractive sculpture. The use of cuts, glue and markings on the paper is generally discouraged.

National Origami Day

Many people will recognize a crane sculpture as origami, but the options are endless in what you can create by origami, and National Origami Day is the perfect day for you to give it a try.

What is National Origami Day?

National Origami Day is an unofficial holiday to honour the Japanese art of origami, which is the folding of paper to create intricate and attractive objects.

Origami originated in Japan in 105 A.D. Historically, it was a process only the elites of society could do as the materials were costly. However, by the 17th century, origami had become a mainstream part of Japanese society, and today paper is widely available and very cheap, so anyone can give origami a try.

The History of National Origami Day

Much like the origins of Origami itself, the exact origins of National Origami Day are unknown, but it is believed that it originated in Japan sometime ago. National Origami Day coincides with the date when World War One ended in 1918, however, this is considered to be purely coincidental.

When is National Origami Day?

National Origami Day is held on November 11. Some believe that National Origami Day was organised to match the birthday of Lillian Oppenheimer, who founded the first origami group in the United States. However, Oppenhemier’s birthday is October 24.

To mark the occasion Oppenheimer’s organisation, called OrigamiUSA, holds a two week event beginning on Oppenhimer’s birthday, and concluding on National Origami Day.

National Origami Day Dates

This year National Origami Day is celebrated on Monday, Nov 11, 2024

Year Date Day
2024 Nov 11 Monday
2025 Nov 11 Tuesday
2026 Nov 11 Wednesday
2027 Nov 11 Thursday
2028 Nov 11 Saturday
2029 Nov 11 Sunday

How is National Origami Day Celebrated?

It is easy for anyone to celebrate National Origami Day, you don’t need expensive equipment or a whole load of time to practice origami on this celebratory day. All you have to do is pick up a piece of paper and start folding and see what you can make.

If you are a beginner and you are after a bit of help, there are plenty of online resources to help you along the way. The Origami USA website has a wide range of resources available to people. There are many, many instructional videos online, on platforms such as YouTube, which can provide you with step by step instructions to give origami a go, or to improve your origami skills.

Making a crane animal can be a great first step if you are thinking of having a go with origami on National Origami Day, as it is widely recognized and relatively easy. Because it is so widely recognized there are a load of instructional videos and articles to help you every step of the way to create your first origami crane.

If you have made some origami on National Origami Day, then it would be a great day to share your creations with your friends or on social media – even if you haven’t been overly successful.

Why We Love National Origami Day

We love National Origami Day because it is a lovely day to celebrate the beautiful art of origami. We love origami because it is a very cheap and accessible art form, which anyone can have a go at.


As you can see above, National Origami Day is a wonderful celebration of all things Origami. There are plenty of instructional videos online, and anyone can have a go at home. It is also a great activity to plan with your kids.


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