National Pack Your Lunch Day

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Today we’re going to be looking at national pack your lunch day, which comes up fairly soon on March 10th, and occurs every year. How long has this national day been around? When did it start and why? How do you even celebrate national pack your lunch day?

What is National Pack Your Lunch Day?

The nostalgia of your mom, dad, sibling, or relative packing your lunch every morning for school is what this national day is all about. Imagine going back in time to when you were a kid and traded certain snacks or other foods at lunch, or showing off your favorite lunch box that might have resembled a cartoon character or have a cute design that was fashionable during those times. National pack your lunch day is a fun day for everyone to enjoy that experience, young or old. Reminiscing on those favorite PB&J sandwiches and other homemade foods for lunch, you can celebrate this holiday in so many ways.

The History of National Pack Your Lunch Day

The earliest recorded celebration of national pack your lunch day dates all the way back to 1935 when the famous Disney Mickey Mouse character was a popular lunch box during those times. In fact, it was the first character to appear on a lunch box. In the year 1950, they came out with lunch boxes based on TV shows such as Hopalong Cassidy. Next, 65 years later in 2015, social media played a part in this national day by sharing posts online for creative lunchbox ideas, one of which was called Lunches and Littles on Instagram. Other creative ideas the following year about “Lunchbox Dad” started coming out, phasing out the old notion of only mothers making school lunches.

When is National Pack Your Lunch Day?

National pack your lunch day is every year in the United States on March 10th. This year, it falls on a Thursday. Right before the typical time of spring break, kids get to come to school with innovative lunch boxes and cute decors and stickers to show off to their friends. Older kids, college students, and adults can also enjoy this day by maybe having an outdoor picnic or packing their favorite childhood lunches.

National Pack Your Lunch Day Dates

This year National Pack Your Lunch Day is celebrated on Sunday, Mar 10, 2024

Year Date Day
2024 Mar 10 Sunday
2025 Mar 10 Monday
2026 Mar 10 Tuesday
2027 Mar 10 Wednesday
2028 Mar 10 Friday
2029 Mar 10 Saturday

How is National Pack Your Lunch Day Celebrated?

You can simply start out with your childhood favorite packed lunches, or you can get more creative with it. You can add your own preferred foods of international foods to pack, maybe something you have always wanted to try when you were younger. You can add a personal note or message for the younger kids, or even write a personal note for yourself. You can pack fun things such as notes, stickers, crossword puzzles or even comic strips. Try and come up with an innovative idea for this year, and you could experiment again next year and celebrate it in your own way.

Why We Love National Pack Your Lunch Day

The nostalgic classic lunches you enjoyed as a child, having fun notes and activities packed in your lunch as a surprise as a child today, having matching lunch boxes with friends, or maybe even show and tell day and showing off your creative decorations is why we love national pack your lunch day. In the U.S. we celebrate many national days. Every day is worth being celebrated for something.


No matter how old we are, whether it’s the first time celebrating this national day or your 5th time celebrating this day, it can be fun for everyone. It started off years ago as soon as lunch boxes could be seen as a colorfully decorated box such as Disney characters and people from TV shows. You can even make it fun by packing notes for each other as a parent or a child, and celebrate it together or even with the whole family.


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